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Jan 26, 2012

your love

I love this song by Jesus Culture.  
Specifically, these lyrics:

  I just can't even handle it.  
This is pretty much one of the most humbling thoughts ever.  No matter what I throw at Him, God never gives up, never runs out on me.  No matter how many times I decide that I know best or that my plan is the right one or that I've got a situation covered.  No matter how many times He needs to reteach me the same lesson I just promised I finally learned. 
His love 
never fails
never give up
never runs out 
on me. 

This is currently my desktop on my computer, and oh, what a good reminder it is!


  1. Hi there! I'm a new follower! I just randomly found your blog through a web of other blogs I follow :) couldn't agree with you more about this song. It is definitely a favorite of mine too.
    Nice to meet you!

  2. wonderful and simple :)

    cute blog!!

    stopping by from #ff

  3. Featured this link on a friday favorites post on my blog:) Love it!

    <3 Leney



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