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Feb 26, 2012

lately {via instagram}

1. A room with a view. // 2. Me & the kitten. // 3. Plate of desserts from Love146's Sweet Relief Benefit in Lancaster! // 4. My cousin Zac. He's such a model. // 5. Cookie baking! // 6. My yellow shoes. // 7. The light I always get stuck at. // 8. Hands. // 9. Polar Bear Plunge!
1. Super 8 Film Movie camera! A fantastic auction find. // 2. A view on a walk. // 3.  From the bridge. // 4. Rexi was not a fan of my aunt's dog when she came to visit. // 5. Nilla. Dog sitting. // 6. See?  I get stuck at it EVERY TIME. // 7. Sand letters for my Early Childhood Ed class. // 8. Maddie, my best friend's puppy! // 9.  Me & the boyfriend at my bro's birthday dinner!


  1. beautiful pictures :)! I laughed at the one of your cat looking down at the dog- it reminds me of when I walk my dog outside, the neighbor's cat always sit in the window and stares down, judgmentally. so funny!



  2. So cute! Everyone seems to be posting pictures of cupcakes this morning. It's making me mega jealous! And Maddie might just have the cutest puppy!


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