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Feb 2, 2012


In my freshman year of college, our chapel series was focused on this idea of shalom.
We all used to joke about not really understanding what shalom meant, that it was just this phrase that was thrown around Christian academia and no one could ever really define it. 
I spent a lot of time during my sophomore and junior years doing a lot of reading and discussing what work and vocation and calling really meant in the framework of being a Christian.
And finally, shalom was defined by this quote:

It's a lot to chew on.  But if you take some time to think about the gravity of these two sentences, I guarantee you'll come away feeling challenged, inspired, and with a little more purpose and perspective.


  1. awesome. hands down the best thing I've read today. thank you!

    maggie b.

  2. I had to read it a few times. It certainly is something to work over and chew on. :)

  3. Yeah Plantinga! Word. Did you make this pretty picture?


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