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Mar 19, 2012

the past few weeks...

I'm just going to go ahead and apologize once again for being a bad and inconsistent blogger.
And then, I'm going to show you my life through my instagram feed from the past few weeks!
Ok?  Great.
 1. The loose leaf tea section at Wegmans.  aka Heaven.
2.  I got really sick for about a week.  Not fun.
3.  Turnpike.  This weekend included a LOT of driving.  
4.  Provolone & Blackberry jam grilled cheese.  YUM.
5.  First cookout of the season!  
6.  The view from the top of the inner harbor in Baltimore.
7.  Baby.
 1.  Me & my momma!
2.  Homework.  Midterms.  Ugh.
3.  On a trip to Philly!
4.  The ceiling at this great little Italian restaurant in Philadelphia.  Ornate.
5.  I got to have breakfast with this lovely lady!
6.  And I got to shoot a wedding with this one!
7.  Cake testing one friend's baked goods for another friend's wedding.  I love these friends.


  1. Great shots! sounds like you blog like I do, a bit inconsistently.. lol
    (saw your button on A Girl Named Leney and liked your name so had to check out your blog, I'm diggin it!)

  2. Your kitty is SO cute! I love when they curl up into a little loaf like that :)

  3. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed reading this post!! def some great shots you shared



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