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Mar 10, 2012

ten spring things I'm particularly excited about

1.  walks & bike rides (sans jackets)
2.  hammock weather!
3.  flowers
4.  an upcoming trip to DC (can you say cherry blossoms?!)
5.  sun dresses & sandals
6.  driving with the windows down
7.  picnics
8.  cooking on the grill
9.  puddle jumping
10.  day trips & adventures

yay for spring!


  1. I'm looking forward to ALL of those things!!! Spring can hurry itself up for all I'm concerned!!

  2. I always love it when i can break out my rain boots! I will definitely make a point of puddle jumping this spring! Everything about warm weather gets me excited, except for the mosquitoes...i just wish spring would hurry up!

  3. Your boyfriend must be handsome.

  4. Can I have all of the above please?! I'm pretty excited about it too!

  5. One of the best things about living in Florida = these things almost all the time. :)


  6. Sundresses and sandals. the best combo ever. and I can't wait for those bike rides too!

    found the route

  7. OH BBQS! Sooo excited.. That's probably my favorite part of the warmer weather (midnite BBQs) Anyway.. Let me tell you what I'm excited about...

    1. The last week in April.
    2. Passover
    3. Lovey's Birthday
    4. Wearing shorts
    5. Drinking some strawberry lemonade


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