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Jul 15, 2012


My church is big.  
Like, the biggest in my area.
And every summer, we bring a little magic to church called VBS (Vacation Bible School)....we have over 1,000 kids come, over 500 volunteers help to make it happen...there's a drama team, carnival rides, moon bounces, obstacle courses...it's just a whole big blast.  This year, our theme was "Geek is the new cool" and that meant that tons of people were all over church wearing geeky clothing and geek glasses.
AJ played drums on the worship team and I taught Life Application for roughly 80 5-year-olds and Kindergarteners each night.  We're also both on staff with church, so that meant 12-14 hour days all week.
It was a busy week, we're exhausted (especially after spending Friday at an amusement park and then yesterday at a wedding), but it was probably one of the most fun weeks of the summer so far. 
And here are our geek photos from the week.....
Pre-VBS Pep Rally!  Worship Team geeks.
Night #1: Librarian geek and the Drummer geek.
Night #2:  Post-VBS geeks.
Night #3:  These are the faces of two geeks who didn't eat dinner until 10:30 pm.
Night #4:  Exhausted geeks.
That's my geek.
And finally....Geek is the new classy. Obvs.


  1. Love it Betsy! :) VBS was awesome this year!

  2. Wow wow wow! Hey girl! :) I'm your new follower... I found you, uh, I think from Amy at The Charming? Anyway, I'm so glad I did! I run children's ministry for the prep (5yr olds) to yr 3's. And I have 20-30 kids to look after and train... and I thought that was lots! Wow - I'm just amazed. I can't wait for the day when our city is transformed by kids on fire for God like this - being impacted, trained and enthused!


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