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Aug 21, 2012

bitten by the fall bug

i'm gonna tell you a secret.  but please don't tell, ok?
i'm ready for fall.
i almost don't want to say it.  i love summer, i really do, but i'm just ready.
i'm ready for cool breezes
and sweaters
and boots
and hats and scarves
and warm drinks
and bonfires
and walks outside where i don't sweat
and crisp leaves
and apple picking...
the list goes on and on.  fall is definitely my favorite season, and we've been having some cool weather this week in pennsylvania, so it's a bit of a tease.  i almost don't want it to come at all, because i just know that it'll be here and gone in a blink.  
is that weird?  probably.
so, fall, if you're reading this, i certainly wouldn't mind it if you came around and stayed for a long time.  thanks!


  1. I'm ready too. I think the fall bug bit me in June ... haha :)


  2. Me too! Summer is great but I'm ready for the change. Boots boots boots. Can't wait!

  3. I think everyone enjoyed the tease of fall mid august Of course web knew it wasn't here to stay just yet. Now its september one! Fall will be here in the next few weeks. Because summer has been dreadfully hot, we left august yesterday with temperature of 95! Yuk! Im sick of the 90s. Im ready, not for winter of course, as up said, maybe fall is listening....
    Pray for those in Louisiana who have homes under water. Im thankful its not me and feel for those affected.


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