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Aug 22, 2012

the best little treat ever.

lately, i've been working on eating super healthy and exercising a lot.
this blog post is NOT about either of those things.
ok, maybe it's about the first thing a little bit.

last week, my family was on vacation in Rehoboth Beach, de and aj & i were looking for a fro-yo place (we're big fans of self-serve fro-yo.)  instead, we found Annie's Banannies, a little shop that sells frozen bananas turned into ice cream.  
it turns out, when you throw a frozen banana through a juicer, it comes out the consistency of soft serve.  
but 10x healthier.  
because it's literally just a banana.  
annie's gets a little creative with their toppings (we both had the "Bannanie Cream Pie" the first time around), but the downside is that it's ridiculously overpriced.  we're talking $5 for a frozen banana, a little whipped cream, and a few graham cracker crumbles.  

then, aj and his mom were out shopping and they picked up the most kick-butt blender ever.  i mean, it's called the ninja...how much more intimidating can you get as a blender?  and one of the first things we did with the blender?  made our own banannies!
we froze fresh bananas, then threw them in the blender for a few seconds and wha-la!  banana ice cream.  (and sooo much better than annie's, if i do say so myself.)
then, we melted a little bit of peanut butter and drizzled that and a bit of chocolate syrup over the top, threw it back in the freezer for about ten minutes, and then had the best little treat ever.


  1. I was going to ask how you make those when I saw it on IG.. So just blend them eh? That sounds really good.. Maybe have to try.. Just bought a bunch of nanners yesterday!


  2. we make a similar dish, but toss the peanut butter in the blender WITH the bananas, and add a scoop of cocoa powder with it... insta-chocolate-peanut-butter ice cream!!

    see here:

    cheers :)


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