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Sep 15, 2012

back in mass...

we're in massachusetts for the weekend for my friend lacy's wedding.
we're also taking the opportunity to visit my cousin, zac, who just started his freshman year at berklee.
we drove up this morning, picked up zac's girlfriend, amanda, on the way, and then spent the day wandering around the city!
here is just a snapshot of our day!
(excuse the surplus of pictures of me.  it's rare that i get to be in the shot, not just behind the camera, so i'm relishing them.)
so that was our day!  we had lunch at quincy market, wandered down to the harbor then up through the north end.  worked our way over to beacon hill and down to the public gardens and then out newbury street to berklee again.  then tonight, we walked over to and around fenway before making a stop at guitar center for the boys to play for a little while.
an exhausting day, but a fun one!
gosh, i missed this city.


  1. Bets, you look so freaking great. You are such a stylish and beautiful woman, and I'm glad I got to see (and hug) you yesterday :)

    1. Awe....thanks friend! It was wonderful to see you and catch up with you. PLEASE come visit PA soon so we can have some good old fashioned nachos/Gilmore Girls/snuggle time!!! I miss that.

  2. look at YOU! did AJ steal the camera for those glam shots?!?
    what a joy to see you both for all of 60 seconds last week. :)
    i suppose that's how those wedding-things go...
    nevertheless, i'm back to missing you and looking forward to a needed chat!
    once i'm used to having a man in my house, i'll give you a ring-a-ding!
    (let's hope it doesn't take too long!) ;)
    love, lacy

    1. Haha...he did! I think we'll forgive you for not spending more time with us...you know, you were busy getting married and stuff. ;)
      it was such a JOY to celebrate with you! I can't wait to hear of your tales of honeymooning and life as a wife (heh...rhyming.)
      call me soon!
      love you!


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