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Sep 11, 2012

birthday surprises

firstly...is it weird that i just typed the word "surprise" and then thought "is that first 'r' supposed to be there?"  boo brain fart.  

anyway...friday was my birthday!  hello, 23.  and this year, it just happened to fall on the first day of our back-to-school retreat, which meant working from 7:30am on friday til 7pm on sunday and taking 174 students and 46 staff to the beach for the weekend.  awesome weekend, not an ideal birthday celebration.

aj's birthday happens to be today (happy birthday babe!) so last night we spent the evening having dinner with our families and exchanging gifts. 

being the best boyfriend ever, he got me the best gift ever.

a beautiful record player.  and a few vinyls to go along with it (namely, fleet foxes & gotye).  his mom added bon iver, she & him, and mumford & sons to my rapidly-growing collection.  and i added a bunch more to my amazon wish list.  

things just sound better on vinyl.  it's a fact.

among other things, i got just dance 3 (the only video game i've ever wanted...working out by dancing?! hello...no brainer), a bunch of fun gift cards, some mulah, and a beautiful refurbished trunk.  
my family & friends are just too good to me.  i'm beyond blessed.


  1. Happy belated birthday to you & your boy!! Love all the gifts you got! Sounds like an amazing day! = )

  2. Whoa! What an amazing gift! Go AJ :)

  3. Those are some amazing gifts. I really want a record player and some vinyl myself :) xo


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