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Sep 1, 2012

"comparison is the thief of joy"

i remember the first time i heard that quote.  
it was sometime during my sophomore year of college.
and i remember thinking that it was a quote to hold onto. 

that quote always seems to find me at just the right time.
right after i've spent 20 minutes perusing facebook and coveted someone else's vacation, or outfit, or life...
instead of enjoying that they've shared their adventures.  
right after i've read a friend's blog and questioned the depth of the relationships in my life, and wished i could write like her...
instead of gleaning wisdom and grace from her post.
right after i've browsed a magazine and found myself wanting to change my body...
instead of celebrating in the changes i have been making.
right after i've scrolled through pinterest and seen 16 different apartments and home decor pins that i want...
instead of being grateful that i have parents who allow me to live with them and save money.

but that's just human nature, isn't it?
to compare ourselves to others.
and it seems that comparison isn't choosy.  
it finds it's way into your life no matter how utterly happy you are.  
and it's sneaky.  sneaky and quite the cunning thief.

but then there's the wisdom of good ole teddy.  who spoke these words a century ago.  i wonder if he knew just how well they would stand the test of time?  
and yet here we are, and those words, those six little words, pop into my head and into my heart just when i need them most.


  1. WOW! this hit home...really hard! thanks for sharing that!

  2. I might have to post this quote in my apartment... It's a WONDERFUL daily reminder! It will make a permanent home on a wall someday, but for now I think a good post-it on the fridge will do :)



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