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Sep 26, 2012


lately i've been struggling with writer's block.  the kind that makes me really want to blog, but also makes me feel like i have nothing to write about. bleh.

but i just discovered 5-oh-wifey's "the girl behind the blog" series, and decided to jump on board with september's prompt.
this is technically supposed to be a vlog, but sorry, i'm just not feeling it, people.
september's prompt is all about influence. what has influenced me and how i influence others and all of that sort of stuff.  here goes!

i'd have to say my biggest influences on my life have been my parents, my faith, and my college experience.  even as a twenty-something, i still seek their approval for nearly everything.  they're both incredibly strong, hard-working, and loving people who have taught me to go out of my way for others and to value relationships.  they also raised me in church and with a strong sense of faith in jesus christ.  i can't thank them enough for that.  my college experience at gordon college taught me to be a thinker in a global world.  my worldview was shaped and molded at gordon, and the years i spent there taught me so much.

there are a few areas of my life that i have the opportunity to influence others.  i'm currently on staff at my church, and i'm a small group leader for a bunch of awesome 6th grade girls, which provides a unique opportunity for influencing young lives.  i'm also currently pursuing my masters degree in education, so someday (soon!) i'll be able to influence young minds in the classroom!  this blog also provides an opportunity for influencing others.  i know that i've been uplifted and inspired by so many other blogs out there, from the creativity to the positivity to the love displayed in this little blogging world, and i hope this space can contribute to those things!

if you haven't checked out 5-oh-wifey or the series, head on over and check it out!



  1. It sounds like you have a lot of opportunities to use your influence to glorify Christ in your life. Way to use them! Glad you linked up even if you couldnt vlog (although I hope you vlog next time!)

  2. So happy you linked up, girl. I'm loving your blog and heart. I agree with you in your biggest influences being your family, your faith and college experience... those all make such an impact on our lives!

  3. Welcome to the link up! :) It's so nice to meet another nearly-grown-up who still welcomes their parents wisdom... I don't find many around my place! xx

  4. :) Good post. I will be praying for you. :)

  5. So glad I found you through the link up! Your blog is adorable!
    We have a lot in common- my parents were a huge influence in my life and my college experience really opened my eyes to different ways of thinking. And I just left my church job to go to seminary and get my Masters. It's amazing the ways that God can use us to reach others and use others in our own lives. Great to meet you!

  6. Your blog is seriously adorable! my faith and my parents have been my biggest influences too.. :) I enjoyed reading your posts



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