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Sep 20, 2012

why i love fall

i know what you're thinking..."another post about fall?"
yes.  i'm sorry.  i just love it so much!

it makes me feel cozy and it doesn't bring the sweatiness of summer or (usually) the raininess of spring or the bitterness of winter.  this morning, i woke up to a chilly room, buried under my down comforter and quilt, with my cat curled up at my feet.  and it was perfect. 
i then spent the morning doing homework with a cup of warm tea.  what's not to love about that?

i've got a busy weekend planned, filled with having a bunch of 6th grade girls over for an outdoor movie night and bonfire tomorrow, followed by afternoon tea with my aunt on saturday afternoon and possibly a local fair saturday night (what says "fall" better than a fair?  nothing friends, i tell you, nothing.), and then aj and i will be cooking out on his new grill on sunday night for our families (you know you've arrived as an adult when your family buys you a grill for your birthday...and you love it).  we've even got a fall-themed menu planned with turkey burgers, butternut squash, and pumpkin pie.

and that new record player i received for my birthday has been getting it's fair share of action.  right now, i can't stop listening to Fleet Foxes in the morning.  it's just the perfect way to start a fall morning.  

i think i might like to live in a perpetual fall. but that would probably take away the wonder of it all, and that would just be sad.

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