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Oct 2, 2012

date day!

on saturday, aj planned a wonderful date day for us!  because of our crazy busy work-filled summer, we haven't gone on a real date in quite a while, so it was great to spend a day together on a date!

the morning started with me going over to aj's in my pajamas to eat cereal and watch cartoons.
then, we grabbed lunch and went to a local park to eat and go for a long walk.
after getting showered and changed, we went to the mall to have a re-match at skeeball.  while on vacation with my family this summer, we had a little showdown (which i won), and we needed to keep the competition going.  he won this round, but they'll be more opportunities to reclaim my crown in the future.
after skeeball, we went to this little restaurant called the tiki bar where you grill your own food.  we were seated on their back patio right on the river.  it was a fun experience and a great dinner.  
after dinner, we headed back to aj's where we built a bonfire to roast s'mores and set up a projector to watch a movie outback.  
it was the perfect little date day!  i would have been happy no matter what we did, but he just thought of every little detail!  he's just far too good to me and i'm beyond blessed.


  1. project a movie outside?! that's the dream! way to go AJ. please send along my continued approval.

  2. The fire looks amazing. I love skeeball, it's a great mini game!

  3. That looks like such a fun date! I love going to the arcade and playing skeeball with my husband...that's one of the few games there that I'm actually good at, so that's probably why.:P


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