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Oct 10, 2012

knitting projects

it's fall.
and i'm feeling crafty.
which means it's time to start carrying a knitting project around with me!

i've been knitting since i was in high school, and over the years the farthest i've really stretched myself was knitting a hat with the easiest hat pattern ever.
i decided on monday that it was time to branch out and learn something new.  and so i taught myself the herringbone stitch.
i'm about 99% certain that's not entirely what it's supposed to look like.  i think i was knitting through the front of the loop rather than the back on every other row. knitting patterns are confusing.

but i'm still up for a challenge, and so i've found two projects that i will be attempting to conquer this fall ("don't you have homework and a couple of grad classes and work full time?" you ask...pshhh...what is homework again?)

the first of these beauties is the easier of the two, the striped cotton cowl from the purl bee.
isn't it just so pretty?
and the second, and the one i started yesterday, is the big herringbone cowl, also via the purl bee.
gah, i'm drooling
the latter requires me to knit on circular needles.
which i've never done.
ladies, i'm a pretty confident crafter, but i was a little nervous to start.
and i ended up ripping out the 220 stitches that i had to cast on because i started knitting in the wrong direction when i started the first row.  trust me when i say this:  casting on 220 stitches isn't really fun the first time, let alone the second.
but so far, it's coming along pretty nicely, save for two little snags. 

this whole knitting in the round thing can be a little tricky, i think.  and i didn't exactly start off with the easiest pattern.  i've been fervently trying to find someone that i work with who knits and knows her stuff, but i've been met with comments of "why don't you just order it instead?" and "no, sorry, knitting frustrates me."
ho hum, looks like it's just you and me, youtube videos.  

i'll let you know how it goes.


  1. Oh Betsy! I wish I had the patience to teach myself something like this! I don't! But I wish I did.. I think it looks beautiful!


    1. Awe, thanks girl! hey, btw...I want your button to stay on here, so go sign up for a sponsorship through the tab at the top! I love reading your bloggity blog and want others to as well! :)

  2. I so wish I knew how to knit...I only crochet. I just ventured out to learn a new crochet stitch and after a while it got easier and now I am so glad I learned!! You'll have to post a completed project photo!!!

    1. Every time I've tried to crochet I can never remember how to! My grandmother has taught me so many times. I guess I'm just a knitting girl! :)

  3. oooh stick to it, girl! make sure to post a picture when you finish; I bet it will be great, even if it ends up with a little lump here or there ;)

    1. I will be posting. Hopefully it will turn out like the pictures, though, do projects ever look that good? Haha...and if it has a nubbin or two, so be it. Nubbins never killed anyone! ;)

  4. oh man I wish I was a better knitter. I find it relaxing but I never got beyond the rectangular scarf (and I think I have about 3 half made scarfs still). Okay, to be honest, I am pretty sure I only ever finished one, and it was pretty bad. So maybe if I gave it another shot I could get better? I can't wait to see how it goes. You may inspire me to actually get knitting again. I do sew, but that is less relaxing than knitting.


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