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Oct 29, 2012


we're facing hurricane sandy over here on the east coast.  which means that i'm camped out at aj's, because my house typically is the first to lose power and the last to get it back.  last year, during irene, we were out for a week.  (remember this?  or this?)

so last night, in the face of the impending storm, aj and i celebrated fall properly...by carving pumpkins!
the owl is mine, in case you didn't guess.

and of course, as a special fall treat, we made roasted pumpkin seeds!
if you've never made roasted pumpkin seeds, it's simple:
1.  you take the seeds that you pull out of the center of the pumpkin
2.  rinse them off (and pat dry....this step might not be crucial, but I always do it so that my seeds get nice and dry but not burnt)
3.  toss the seeds with a bit of olive oil and sea salt
4.  bake on a cookie sheet at 400 degrees for about 15 minutes, or until they're dried out and crunchy
and wha-la!  pumpkin seeds.  perfect for fall snacking or salads.  healthy and so yummy.

how have you been celebrating fall?


  1. I love the owl! So cool and definitely a design you don't see everyday.
    Almost Endearing

  2. nice lookin pumpkins! :)




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