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Oct 3, 2012

sponsor htb!

hey friends!

here's just a little update about some changes that will be happening this month on heavens to betsy!

i'm switching to using passionfruit ads.  (check them out, they're awesome.  if you manage ads on your blog, they will make your life so. much. easier)

sooooo....here's the deal.  sponsor swaps on heavens to betsy will continue to be free, and i'll also be offering large featured ads each month.  check out the "sponsor" tab above for more info or to sign up!  if you already sponsor heavens to betsy, you're awesome...thank you!  just go to the tab and follow the simple steps to "purchase" an ad.  if you aren't currently a sponsor but would like to be, now's a great time to get started!

feel free to e-mail me at betsy.gettis@gmail.com if you have any questions!


  1. Isn't Passionfruit just so much easier?!

  2. I LOVE passionfruit. HoPe it's an easy transition.

  3. I just switched to passion fruit too! I'm absolutely obsessed and it makes managing ads so much easier. Just did a button swap with you!


  4. Your blog is adorable! So glad you've decided to sponsor mine :) I tried to do the free swap and it wasn't working :( have you had any problems with it?

    Hope to get it worked out and can't wait to sponsor your blog!


  5. Ignore that, it worked! It's one of those days haha yay!


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