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Oct 24, 2012


i'm a little obsessed with fonts.
i can spend hours downloading new ones and playing around with them.
i love hand-written calligraphy and i've been known to just write the alphabet over and over again when i'm bored.
so, imagine my glee when i found...
after elsie of a beautiful mess blogged yesterday about how she made fonts out of her handwriting with iFontMaker, i knew i had to try it out.

and let me tell you, ladies and gents...i'm in love.
it's so simple and user-friendly, and i love knowing that i can make fonts out of whatever style of handwriting i choose to use!

here's an overview:
the app walks you through all letters of the alphabet, both upper and lowercase, as well as numbers and symbols.  you choose a sample font to use as a guide, or choose a blank slate.  (i'm using helvetica here).  you set your pen type and weight.  you can even change where your guidelines go.  
when you've got all of your glyphs in, you can choose the compose mode, where you can type a sentence in to see how your font looks.
finally, you go back to your glyphs and in the top right-hand corner, choose to create your font with 2ttf.com.  the site sends you a link and you can download your font to use on your computer!  

the app costs $6.99 and is only for iPad.  creating the font is free.  you can do it all with your finger, but i recommend using a stylus (i  got mine from staples for $15).
you can download my first font, "tall & skinny" here.


  1. Seriously? That is aMAZING! :D Love it... the few $ left in my iTunes could be gone verrry soon!

  2. Sweet font! I really needa' start creating my own. I don't blame your obsession!

  3. ......Whyyyy do I not have an ipad?? THis is the coolest thing ever. Great job on your new font. xo. Deanna
    Curly Adventures

  4. thanks for sharing! I have to check this one out :)

  5. Ok, that is crazy! So awesome, thanks for sharing!


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