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Nov 8, 2012


as you know, i've been recently asking myself the question "why do i blog?"

one of the reasons i love blogging is the community that it offers. i've "met" so many great ladies through the blog world, and who doesn't like new friends?

after more thought on this subject of community, i've realized that i want this space to be so much more than me posting rants or photos or words, with the occasional comment.  
i want it to be inspirational.
i want it to be interactive.
i want it to be a place that fosters community.

so, dear reader, i'm asking you to join me this month in a weekly link up.  
every thursday, i'll be writing a post about what i'm thankful for.  and at the end of each post, there will be a space for you to link up your thankful thoughts.
there are no "you have to follow me" rules or anything like that, just a space for us to fellowship with one another as a community.  
link up, and visit some other posts.  
read, comment, share in a community. 

whether 5 of you or 500 of you participate, i'll be here, every thursday, sharing what i'm grateful for.  

let's celebrate what we're thankful for together.

in keeping with the theme, one of the things i've been most thankful for throughout my life has been community.  

i am fortunate to have a tight-knit family community.
i was fortunate in college to live in a community of like-minded thinkers with a passion to change and affect the world.  
i'm currently fortunate to work and worship in a caring and warm community of believers.

community is defined as "a group of people living together in one place."
but in my experience, it's so much more.
it's caring about the common good.
it's learning to care about what makes others come alive.
it's being a family.
it's give and take.
it's sacrificial.
it's rewarding.

i don't think i'd be half of the person i am without the communities i've been a part of.  i've been shaped and molded by them in so many ways, and i'm so grateful for all of it.
what are you thankful for this thursday?

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog, Betsy! I'm enjoying reading some of your recent posts about why you blog. Community is extremely important to me as well... especially now that I work from home, I find that I rely even more than ever on the blogging community. I'm hopeful that I'll be able to build some meaningful relationships from it.


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