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Nov 7, 2012


every so often, i start thinking about why i blog.

when i started this blog back in 2009, it was a way for me to process college life.  i was studying at a school north of boston, 6 hours away from my family in pennsylvania.  there were lots of growing pains and learning opportunities.  this blog became an outlet, a place to share my heart, to no one in particular, and it stayed small and was really just for me and a few friends and family members for a few years.

then, last fall, i got an e-mail from a friend from college who wanted to grow her blog.  we started swapping buttons and reaching out into the blogging community and this space started to grow.  and with that growth has come many redesigns and repurposings and many moments of analyzing just what i want this space to be.

if i'm being perfectly honest, there are some days that i wish i could have thousands of followers and write content that people read on a daily basis.  sometimes i wish i lived a fabulous little life in a cool city and could blog about the cute cupcake shop on the corner and the person i met on the subway.  and then, there are days when i wish i wrote profoundly deep and eloquent content that caused people to really think.  for a while, i was glued to monitoring my stats and comments, trying to write things that i thought other people would like.

but it all comes back to the question "why? what's the point?"
and i think the answer is that i need it.  i need it to continuously discover and process and redefine myself.  i've always liked writing, and blogging has given me a space to do that where i've got complete control.  there are no prompts, no requirements.
and finally, i'm back to a place where i do it just for me.  sure, i love to share little things like apps that let you create your own font or a photo shoot i've done recently.  but my favorite posts are the ones like this, where it's for me, and if others read and connect to it then great!  but if not, i'm ok with that, because i've accomplished what i wanted to:  a time of thought and processing through writing.

so, dear reader, why do you blog?


  1. Loved your thoughts on this and I can relate in several ways (I love to write). But I keep blogging because of the community. I love the sense of community from blogging.

    1. Yes! Me too. Stop by tomorrow because I'm blogging all about community! :)

  2. I relate to this a lot. I blog because it is my creative outlet. Otherwise my life whould be all about my left brain science side. But like Beth I too blog for community. That is becoming more and more the reason I keep it up.

  3. This is a perfect description of why I blog too! It's just so good to get things out that sometimes you can't say out loud. And there are days when my posts literally get 0 comments, but like 15 page views. I just have to accept that I said what I needed to say, and it doesn't matter how popular my blog might or might not be!

  4. I wasn't even sure why I started a blog. I knew I wanted the creativity of it, but I still don't really share it with everyone I know, I feel like they will judge me. It's not what I want it to be, I don't have the right lighting, or camera, or enough time to plan out a week of blog posts, but I know that when I want to sit down and type it all out I can. I don't Facebook, but I blog, and bs, and make stuff. And I love it. <3

  5. Hi I am following you now and want to thanks for sharing this. Is is always nice to read what got people here and why they continue because I can definitely relate. I started because I needed it. My son started having seizures and I was going a little insane and needed an outlet. Blogging kept me normal. It allowed me to remember who I was and still am and it helped me to find other people experiencing the same thing. I was not alone and that was a good feeling :)

  6. Such a great question, Bets. I'm happy to have watched this blog grow and change since its inception 3 years ago. :) I've always loved your mix of instagram posts, recommendations, photos, and reflections. That's life! It brings us something different everyday-and your blog shows the beauty of that. I think I blog to know myself better, honestly. That's why my description is all Kierkegaardian. ;) Sometimes it feels a little too intellectual to see "a self in relation to herself" at the top of the page, but that's what I've gained from having a space on the Internet. A lot of clarity. A little support. And a way to make myself accountable to how I'm living this blessed, wild, crazy life-thing. All that to say, keep it up sistah! :)


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