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Dec 11, 2012


We seemed to have arrived once again and my (least) favorite time of the semester: finals week.

There's something about this week that energizes me.  Maybe it's the promise of a break not too far in the distance, maybe it's the fact that I just work well under pressure.  Either way, I always feel a sense of exhaustion and being overwhelmed as well as a resurgence of energy and, dare I say, excitement.

Sure, we've all got papers and tests and work, etc, etc.  I could (and have in years past), spent entire posts talking about how many pages I'll be writing this week.

Being that this is my last semester of coursework toward my Masters degree *does happy dance*, I thought I'd share with you 5 tips I've picked up through, well, 11 semesters of higher education.

1.  Stay positive.  But cry if you need to.
This was one of those things that always helped me.  It's a balance.  Give yourself 5 minutes to whine to a willing roommate or parent and get it all out, then get started on the task at hand.  You can handle this.

2.  Take a break.
When I was in elementary and high school and I was working on a project (that I had no doubt procrastinated on) the night before it was due, I'd always end up getting exhausted.  My dad would tell me to take a break, go take a shower, have a snack, take a walk.  When you come back to your work, you'll be refreshed and will be able to see it in a new light.

3.  Give yourself motivators.
Want to spend 10 minutes on Pinterest or Facebook?  Not until you've written two pages. Write a few little post-its with positive or motivational sayings on them and stick them around your work area.

4. Eyes on the prize.
Remember, when you're done, you get to go on break.  No homework, no classes.  You can breathe and read whatever you want and watch tv and see friends and family.  Just get through this week.

5.  Find your study cake.
My senior year of college, I started doing this thing I called "study cake".  I love baking, and it's a stress reliever for me, so whenever I had a big exam or paper coming up, I'd stock myself up with a cake mix and canned frosting (to keep things quick and easy).  I'd mix up a cake, bake it, go back to studying, frost it, and then my apartment mates and I would all take a break from homework to have some study cake.  Maybe for you, it's not cake.  But find what makes you go "ahhhhh," relieves some stress, gives you some social interaction, and gives your brain a break.  Find your study cake.

Hope these little tips help!  Got any more to add to this list?  What gets you through finals week?


  1. i hate finals week too. just finished mine on friday! good luck to you, it'll be over soon :)

    ps. I nominated your blog for The Liebster Award! see more details here: http://organicgrey.blogspot.com/2012/12/the-liebster-award.html


  2. Love your study cake idea! For me, it would totally be study cookies and I am happy to say that I made it through finals week without any binge eating! I think I was just too busy this time of the year to even eat!

  3. I'm so glad study cake made it in there! Super important, and your apartment-mates are ever grateful :)


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