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Sep 9, 2013


My weekend was filled with:
a bunch of fun 7th grade girls
praising Jesus
praying over students for emotional, physical, and spiritual healing
awesome messages from an even awesomer boss
fun at the beach
a lot of exhaustion
and birthday cake oreos to celebrate turning 24 on Saturday

This past weekend, the youth ministry that I work for at our church took 265 students and leaders to the beach for our annual back-to-school retreat.  To be honest, spending my birthday amidst the business of a jam-packed weekend, surrounded by middle and high-school students, and feeling tired and drained wasn't exactly how I'd love to do it, but God always surprises me.  The small group of girls that I get the privilege of leading on a weekly basis is just awesome and I loved getting to spend the entire weekend giggling and praying and talking with them.  Plus, I got to end my birthday by anointing those girls and worshipping alongside them.  How cool, right?

So, this is me at 24:  a little bit lost in this big world we live in; a whole lot grateful for my family, friends, and church; excited to pursue some passions in my life; in love with a wonderful guy; and so ready for God to use me for whatever He chooses.  My best friend and I just talked today about how different we imagined our lives to look right now (like our moms, married with kids by their mid-twenties), but I have a feeling that we're both right where we're supposed to be.  And I'm so excited to see what 24 holds!  First up:  a trip to visit AJ in Boston this week!


  1. Hey! Happy birthday on your 24th birthday! My 25th bday is in few weeks and I'm excited/nervous for what this year will bring. I'm sure this year is going to be awesome for you! :)

  2. Oh my gosh! Happy 24th birthday!! Woo! I remember being 24! It was a good one.. I didn't know that you were that young.. NOT that you look old, but you seem really mature for your age.. Does that make sense? Anywho, looks like you had a wonderful day! You deserve it!



    Janette Lane Blog

  3. love that beautiful ring!!! XOXOX

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! so thankful you were born! you are a blessing!

  4. happy 24th!! Hope it was fabulous.


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