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Sep 10, 2014


first off, let me say that i fully realize that 25 is not that old.  but it sure doesn't feel that way.  i feel like i hit this milestone....a quarter of a century!  halfway through my twenties!  and it's exciting and a little terrifying all at once.  did anyone else feel that way when they hit 25?

i've never done a "25 before 25" type of thing, but since this birthday does just feel big to me, i thought i'd take my own spin on it!

so here are 25 things i'd love to accomplish in my 25th year.

1.  grow in my relationship with jesus...i have just been feeling a yearning to know him more, which should always be there.  i'm working on getting into a devo routine, so hoping that i stick to that!

2.  spend more time with my family...always a goal!

3.  clean out...i need to simplify!  specifically when it comes to my closet.  i've seen so many of you blogging about your capsule wardrobes and it's been encouraging me to really be honest with what i do and do not need in mine!

4.  take a few creative classes...hand lettering, illustrator, maybe photography?  i want to build on those very self-taught skill sets!

5.  get fit.  like, really...i want to be toned, i want to be healthy, and i want to feel good.  i originally put a number to this one, but i recently saw a photo of a girl who actually gain 10lbs in the past year and looks so good now compared to her "starting" weight, because she lost fat but gained muscle.  so yes, that number on the scale needs to go down, but i'm not going to be disappointed if it doesn't go down as far as i want as long as i'm building muscle and feeling good.

6.  and going along with that...run a half marathon!

7.  complain less...whether its external or internal, i want to be all-around less grumbly.  haha

8.  be an awesome small group leader...this past weekend left me feeling really close to my girls...i want to pour into them more than ever this year!

9.  travel more...boston, maybe another nashville trip?

10.  spend more time with people...i do not see my friends nearly enough, and that needs to change this year!

11.  eat better...ok, this one goes along with 5, but i want to feel good about what i put into my body!

12.  save more...i would love to see my saving account significantly increase in the next year.

13.  pay off my loans faster...maybe counter-intuitive to saving more, but i would really like to take a good chunk out of my student loans in the next year!

14.  choose my attitude...i'm a firm believer that you can choose your attitude towards situations, and i want to make sure i'm choosing the right attitude!

15.  be grateful everyday...if you've read my blog before, you've probably seen my grateful heart posts...i love practicing gratitude and want to continue to make it a habit!

16.  open an etsy shop (or otherwise)...filled with prints and hand lettering and custom design work, of course!

17.  knit...i have like 4 half-finished scarves lying around.  i want to finish them!

18.  give 100% to teaching...preschool is not where i ever thought i'd land, and frankly, the first couple of days have been challenging!  but i'm going to give it my all this year, no matter how i feel.

19.  read more...y'all know have stacks upon stacks of books...i need to make more time to read!

20.  lead a generous life...from my tithe to random acts of giving, i want to be on the lookout for opportunities to be generous every day!

21.  cultivate a soft and gracious spirit...i so admire women who are just soft and gentle...the italian in me does not naturally lean in that direction, but i sure would like to work on it!

22.  attend a blog conference...ok, i really want to be at influence next year.  technically, by then, i'll be 26.  but its going on the list anyway.

23.  look for opportunities to help others...i try to always do this, so i'd like to continue it and do even more!

24.  take this blog places...it's growing fast, and i'm so excited about that!  i want to continue to cultivate a community around it and keep building the community that is taking off in the peony project!

25.  dream big.  if there's anything i've been learning these past few months, its to dream big and chase those dreams.  i want to keep verbalizing and going after the big dreams!

did you make any goals for yourself on your next birthday?  what were some of them?


  1. abby - little city adventuresSeptember 10, 2014 at 8:31 AM

    Love this! Every year I make a similar list (right now I'm finishing up "20 Before 21") and I love making them and working on each goal even though I usually don't finish them all. I've already started on my "21 before 22" list and I'm seriously excited!! I have a lot of similar goals on my next list like Pursue Christ, get in shape/lose the last 10lbs of baby weight, take some classes/e-courses (cooking, blogging, etc?, and more :)
    Can't wait to see updates as you work on this list! The day after my birthday (19th, Elissa's sister's wedding day actually) I'll post the final update of this year's list and share how I did with each goal.

  2. Happy birthday! All the best in your very worthy goals!

  3. I will trade you!! My 30th birthday is next month! Eeeek! haha! I can totally relate to the grumpy thing too. I try to keep myself positive but I end up being a grump by the end of the day most days. haha! I should try the grateful heart thing more often so I force myself to realize I have way more to be grateful for than grumpy about

  4. ugh. #13. why can't they just go away! what a great list :) i'm sure you'll accomplish it all!

  5. thanks so much anne! i was thinking the same about you today...you're so so so good at promoting your sponsors! i love working with you!

  6. ugh...right?!! just disappear already! haha

  7. Such an awesome list! It would be awesome if you followed it up on the eve of your 26th birthday to see how far you've come!

  8. Such great goals! And I agree even though 25 isn't old it sure did feel odd!

  9. I love this! I just turned 25, too, and am currently writing up a 30 before 30 list - coming soon to the blog!

  10. Thank you! I can not tell you how much I have enjoyed working with you and being a part of your community. You are a key part as to why I love the blogging community....you should be so proud of all the bloggers you have brought to together. All under your leadership and vision. That's amazing!

  11. I''m working on writing up a 30 before 30 (which for me is in two years) more based around home improvement and a couple of places to visit. I love that you have knitting on your list - it's on mine to finally get my head around the craft!

  12. Happy birthday!!!!! :-) I had a mini quarter life crisis when I turned 25 so I'd say you're doing good. :-)

  13. Everyone should do a list like this every year on their birthdays. And the older you get, the more you have to add because hopefully you'd always be a year wiser!! I love this! Thanks for sharing! Sounds like your birthday was fabulous...keep celebrating! :)

  14. I remember being SO excited to turn 25 - I felt like I had been in my 20s long enough and teaching for a few years that people stopped treating me like such a 'recent grad' / young adult etc. now that I'm 27 I feel like I should make a list of things I want to accomplish - 30 is approaching much faster than I would like!!

  15. Happy birthday, Betsy. You're truly the best, and I'm so blessed to be a part of the Peony team.

  16. Happy Birthday and I have been wanting to make a list of things to accomplish by my 30's (i'm 27) I remember turning 25 and feeling old, but now that I am 27 I feel young again ahaha.

  17. This is super!! It makes me want to sit down and make a list for myself!

  18. happy (belated) birthday! :) let me know what devo routine you end up doing.. i cannot find one that sticks for the life of me.

  19. I turned 26 this past July and even though that's a few months ago; I think I'm going to make a list too! I know there are a few things that I want to do in my 26th year! This is inspiring to me; thanks! Happy belated Birthday!!!

  20. I love this idea! Goal-setting is so important, and I think all of yours are very feasible! Which helps. ;) Happy belated birthday!


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