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Dec 16, 2014

5 Tips to Have the Prettiest Presents Under the Tree

my friends courtney and britney are some of the most creative people i know.  they have a talent for creating lovely things, and i love everything they touch!  their mom, sherry, is also so incredibly talented and creative.  each year, these dear friends open their home and invite a group of women to come over and wrap all of their christmas gifts.  we call it the wrapping party and we all show up, bags full of unwrapped gifts, rolls of wrapping paper, scissors, and tape, and after a few hours, leave with tummies full of good food and beautifully wrapped packages.

because it's not just about wrapping your gifts in paper at the wrapping party, it's about adorning your packages.  sherry feels her kitchen table with ribbons and trims of all sorts, and after you wrap up a box, you head over to the table to pick out some unique toppings to take your packages to the next level!

friends, this party has totally taken my christmas gift game to the next level.  like, for real.  i'm ruined for all of wrapping ever to come.  and i bet it would do the same to you too.  but you don't need a wrapping party to put the prettiest packages under your tree this year!  here are my five tips for wrapping your prettiest gifts ever:

1.  keep your paper simple and streamlined // just like julie andrews, i'm a huge fan of brown paper packages tied up with string.  brown paper is plain and easy to adorn, but you don't have to go that route!  this year, i've incorporated some variations on the theme...all of my paper has a brown base, with different patterns (white chevrons, gold polka dots) and they go well together.  whatever papers you choose, keep a common theme...for example:  chalkboard, gold, metallic...as long as the papers work together, you're good!

2.  look around you // you don't have to spend a ton of money on trimmings at a craft store to have pretty packages.  look around you...do you have twigs, trimmings from your christmas tree, extra yarn or twine lying around?  things like pinecones, berries, bark, old sweaters or fabric all make great options!

3.  never underestimate the power of the glue gun // until three years ago, i had never even considered using a hot glue gun on my christmas gifts.  use tape to wrap your packages, but then break out the glue gun.  it is the best way to get your embellishments and ribbons to stick where you want them on your packages!  plus, it will make you look super dedicated to the cause when you're not just using tape anymore.

4.  wrap in unique ways // utilize things like mason jars, flower pots, and other interesting containers instead of just boxes...they will give your gifts interesting shapes and textures and will help them to stand out in the crowd.

5.  plan ahead // you can do this in a few different ways.  try to give yourself at least a week or two to wrap before christmas.  you want to be able to take your time with this and really get creative!  i love the wrapping party because it gives me a goal.  once it's on my calendar, i know i want to have most of my shopping done by that date!  after christmas this year, stop by your local craft store and stock up for next year.  things like ribbons and trims and embellishments will be dirt cheap and on sale in the days following christmas!

what about you?  do you get creative with your wrapping?  will you try your hand at it this year?


  1. Gorgeous! I am doing brown paper packages tied up in string this year :)

  2. These are so precious! Love your ideas.

  3. I always like to incorporate new ways into wrapping gifts! I absolutely love the idea with the twig and pinecones! Very cute!

  4. Will you come wrap all of my gifts for me?! Ok, it's settled! :) These are great ideas, Betsy! I love the little pinecones!

  5. Omgosh your wrapping is absolutely gorgeous. I feel like I have to step up my game now :)

  6. Oh goodness, I want all of my presents to look as gorgeous as yours! The pinecones are absolutely my favorite! Taking your tips and wrapping some tomorrow! :) Thank you!

  7. Those are SO pretty, I love all of the use of natural things like pinecones, branches, and twigs! A wrapping party sounds like so much fun!

  8. You had me at Julie Andrews and brown paper packages! I am a fan myself! This was great inspiration for my Christmas wrapping! Thanks!

  9. Oh my goodness!! You are so creative (as usual!) Come wrap my presents for me! ;)

  10. Gorgeous, gorgeous!!

  11. love these ideas and tips! thank you for linking up with me Betsy :)


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