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Jul 7, 2015

3 Digital Resources to Make Wedding Planning Easier

Not long after AJ and I got engaged, my friend Becca lent me her wedding planning binder.  It's full of receipts and lists and photos and all things an organized bride keeps in one neatly bound three-ring book.  My wedding binder, on the other hand, has our venue's contract.  That's it.

I'm a pretty organized person.  I'm good at planning things and I'm good and keeping track of details, and when I got engaged, I totally expected to have a wedding binder packed full of details.  But AJ and I are also very tech-oriented and with also being long distance, we quickly realized that keeping the planning online worked really well for us.  So, today, I'm sharing three of our most-used digital resources to ease the wedding planning process!

We have used Google Docs to hold everything from our guest list to honeymoon options to our budget.  I'm a spreadsheet girl, so I love having the ability to utilize Excel files in the planning process!  The great thing about Google Docs is that you can share them with anyone else who may need access to them.  AJ and I are able to access all of our documents when we're apart and sharing my guest list with my bridesmaids was incredibly easy when they needed it.

A couple of other ways we're using Google Docs:
+ Managing guest list & RSVPs
+ Keeping track of what we've registered for, what store we registered for it at, who gave it to us, and if we sent a note of thanks
+ When we first started planning, we used a Google spreadsheet to list possible venues and vendors, kept all of their info in one place (including whether or not we had contact them), and were able to see a snapshot of what research each of us had done

Wedding Wire is hands down my favorite wedding planning website.  We've used it to find vendors, host our wedding website, and it houses the best wedding planning checklist that I've found.  They also have a great (free!) app that helps you stay on top of things on-the-go.  The usefulness of Wedding Wire has ebbed and flowed.  We used it heavily in the beginning when we were looking for the big parts of our day, like our venue, and then I didn't use it too much in the middle of our engagement, but now, as our day gets closer, I'm finding myself on it nearly daily.

Services provided through Wedding Wire:
+ Build a custom wedding website (you can even purchase and link your own domain name so it's easy for guests to find)
+ Research, find, and read reviews on potential venues and vendors (this is how we found our venue!)
+ Collect addresses & RSVPs
+ Manage guest list (we are using Google for this primarily, but we did upload our guest list to Wedding Wire so that we could collect RSVPs through our website)
+ Build a floor plan and seating chart for your reception
+ Checklist (they have a fantastic list already built for you, but you can add, delete, and assign tasks as you need)
+ Daily emails:  never have I clicked through so many newsletters from a company before!  Wedding Wire has a ton of great tips and advice on their site that they feature in emails when you sign up!

Ok, this one is a no-brainer.  We probably all have had a "Wedding" board long before we had a ring. But here's my advice:  once you have the bling, use Pinterest wisely.  Comparison is the thief of joy, so don't spend hours and hours scrolling through popular wedding pins until your brain is swirling and you're depressed that you won't be able to have every single detail that's on your wedding board.

Use Pinterest for what it was made for:  an organizational tool.  Create multiple private pin boards and invite those who may need to see each one.  Keeping these boards private means that you can pin until your heart is content without cluttering up your followers' feeds with wedding galore, but you can also keep everything wedding-inspired in one place and organized to help you plan!

Just a few examples of how I used Pinterest:
+ I created a general wedding board and invited my bridesmaids as well as AJ and our moms.
+ I also created separate boards for bridesmaids dresses, my dress, gifts for my girls, and photos that I like (I shared this one with our photographer).
+ Before you go dress shopping, look on a few websites and save dresses you like to a private Pinterest board that you can then show your consultant when describing to her what you're looking for!

There are tons of wedding planning resources out there, but these are just the three that we have found to be super useful!  It's really easy to get overwhelmed with the planning process, but I think that communication is so important, and for AJ and I, being able to both have access to things like our spreadsheets and checklist has helped to keep us on the same page throughout these past six months!


  1. I've used Pinterest in that way too. I have a photo board with my photographer, and a cake topper/cake board with my mom (who is paying for the cake). I use The Knot instead of Wedding Wire, and I love their options too!

  2. This is great! Google Docs would have been really smart. I may need to convert my guest list to Google Docs so I can share it with people who don't have Excel. I am a spreadsheets girl too! I set up a few super organized spreadsheets for the guest list, budget, etc. Pinterest is awesome, too! And I used the Knot for the wedding website which has been awesome so far. I've heard good things about Wedding wire, too.

  3. I only moved in with my husband a month before our wedding. Before that, we lived about two hours apart. We used Google Docs for EVERYTHING!


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