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Aug 18, 2015

5 Ways to Expose Your Blog to New Readers

I'd be lying if I told you that this wasn't one of my favorite guest posts for this series.  Today, I'm so excited to welcome my dear friend Madison to the blog today!  Madison is not only a great blogger and awesome resource (she's always willing to help or offer advice!), but she's also a really great friend.  She's out in Arizona now, but when she and her husband were on the east coast, I got lucky and had the opportunity to fly down to North Carolina to spend a few days in Greensboro with them!  It's so fun to take online friendships into real life, and even better when they're with people who you have a lot in common with!  So, I'm excited to hand it over to Madison today as she shares with you 5 ways to get new eyes on your blog!

Hi friends! I'm so excited to be sharing with y'all today as Betsy celebrates her upcoming wedding! It's my pleasure to take over her little space and share some blog tips with you. Blog tips are some of my favorite posts to write on my blog, The Wetherills Say I Do. If you're not a regular reader of my blog, let me tell you a little about it! My name is Madison and my blog is a faith based lifestyle blog where I share easy and delicious recipes, blogging tips and other every day moments. I've been blogging consistently for over two years and have just completely falling in love with the blogosphere. Don't let my blog name fool you, while I do occasionally share things about marriage, my blog isn't a newlywed, wedding or marriage type of blog. If you've come to a point in your blog's life where you are wanting to grow by bringing in new readers, you may not know where to start. One great way to start is figuring out the different options for getting your blog out there. In the blogging world, we talk a lot about growing your blog but sometimes you have to also extend your reach beyond your immediate circle of readers in order to really grow and expand your reach. Luckily there are some great ways to do that!

- Sponsorships
Sponsorships really took off about a year and a half ago. It seemed every blogger who had been blogging for at least a month was running a sponsorship program. Nowadays it seems like sponsorships are slowing down just a bit but with tons of new bloggers joining the blog world all the time, there are always options out there. Betsy is actually one of my favorite blogs to sponsor, so if you haven't ever sponsored her, check her out! If you're new to the idea of sponsorships, basically you purchase a spot on another blog's sidebar (typically) for the month. Sponsorships vary and some include social media shoutouts, guest post options, and more. Some are just ad only for larger blogs typically! These are great ways to expose your blog to new readers because when you sponsor blogs that are larger than yours, you're automatically getting your blog name out to more people than you were before.

-Guest Posts & Contributions
Along the same lines as sponsorships, writing guest posts or contributing to a larger blog is a great way to not only get your blog name out to new audiences but also your blog voice. The best part about a guest post or contribution/submission is that you're getting to give potential readers a look at your unique voice and blogging style. After someone reads your guest post, they may already be in love with your style and jump right over to your blog to follow along-- Is it working for me yet...? ;) A lot of food or craft blogs often accept recipe and project submissions which is also a great way to get your blog name out there! Two I personally work with are My Cooking Spot and My Crafty Spot. Often these are blogs where you can submit a blog post from your blog and have it featured on their blog but direct people back to your original blog post on your site.

- Commenting
Commenting is also something that was really popular when I started blogging. Now it seems slightly less popular (it's also summer so that could be why), but it's still a great way to get your blog name out there and also share some blogger love. Often when I am trying to find new blogs to follow, I'll go through the comment section of the blogs I already follow along with. If I see commenters I don't recognize, I'll try to stop by their blogs and see if I like them to follow along with! This tip also works for engaging on social media!

- Facebook Groups
Betsy and I are both core team members for The Peony Project, a community of bloggers who share a common faith in Jesus. Being a part of that group, we have been able to meet tons of new bloggers and form an awesome community. This particular Facebook group isn't a blog sharing group, so we've been able to make a lot of genuine connections with bloggers without having to share posts a certain amount of times and things like that. There are also tons of great groups on Facebook that are for blog sharing or just general blog communities! I highly recommend getting plugged into a few of them.

-Group Pinterest Boards
This is something I've just started to get really into. Group Pinterest boards are great because you can pin your posts onto boards with lots of followers but more importantly, different followers than yours which opens your blog up to lots of new potential readers. There are Facebook groups out there where people share their group Pinterest board opportunities for others to join. You can also search other Pinterest boards and when you find a group board contact the owner about being added. Be sure to follow good Pinterest etiquette though and not only share your own posts but spread the love to other bloggers too. You don't necessarily have to do all of these things at once, but working on some of them at a time will really help you to get exposed to some new readers. Of course, these things are not a perfect fix and even more important than trying to grow your readership is focusing on having quality content and even starting by having a great blog design! I work with a handful of bloggers each month on custom blog designs, head to my design website if you are interested in more info!

Thanks again, Betsy, for having me today! I hope y'all enjoyed this post. If you want more of my blog tips, head over to my blog

How have you brought new readers to your blog?

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