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Dec 11, 2015

Holiday Baking: Easy Chocolate Chip Surprise Cookies

The chocolate chip cookie.  Classic, easy, and a definitely crowd-pleaser.  But what if you want to remix these timeless cookies and don't have a ton of time?  Enter pre-made Nestle Toll House cookie dough.

You know those brownie cupcake cookie concoctions?  Well these easy cookies are like that, but better.  I was looking for a way to shake up the classic chocolate chip cookie for a fun treat one night, and decided to pick up some Dark Chocolate Delight cookie dough to go along with the chocolate chip cookies.  

The Dark Chocolate Delight cookie dough is pretty fantastic all on its own, but like I said, I was trying to remix the classic chocolate chip cookie, so I nestled a little bit of the dark chocolate cookie dough inside a shell of chocolate chip cookie dough and then followed the baking directions for the chocolate chip dough and what resulted was a gooey, fudgey, delicious cookie.  I'm not sure that I can eat plain old chocolate chip cookies anymore!  
These cookies are perfect for any holiday party you have coming up...they're super simple to throw together and the little surprise inside will have your guests coming back for more!  I kept my on the relatively small side, so that they were more like bite-sized cookies, but you could easily make them as big or as small as you want!

For more Holiday baking recipes, check out Nestle's Pinterest feed!

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