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Dec 10, 2015

The Golden Vlog // December

I'm so excited that it's time yet again for the Golden Vlog!  It's so much fun to get to host this link-up with some of these other lovely ladies, and I love creating these videos each month!  This month might have been a little bit frustrating, however, because I had some technical difficulties.  I filmed my entire vlog and then my computer wouldn't export the video, so after trying everything I knew how to do (which, let's be real, is very little), I ended up just re-filming the darn thing. Please tell me I'm not the only one that this happens to!  Anyway...we made it, it's here....the Golden Vlog!

Life w/ Mrs G & the Artist ~ Twitter | Instagram | Bloglovin
Amanda Moments ~ Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Brave Love Blog ~ Instagram | Bloglovin | Twitter
Heaven's to Betsy ~ Instagram | Twitter | Facebook
My Favorite AdventureTwitter | Instagram | Pinterest

The Lilac Linnet ~ Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Here are the Rules . . .
1. You must follow your hosts on at least ONE form of social media to linkup w/ us. 
2. We want to see your face! How many times you roll your eyes, and if you talk with your hands! So link up a post featuring your VLOG answering this months questions! Please link up a post not your blog's home page, and be sure there is a VLOG (video blog) featured! This is the Golden Vlog after all ;)
3. Add the button above or a text link to one of the hosts to help us promote this crazy thing!
4. Spread the love! go watch, listen, and comment on other blogs and make some new friends!

Feel free to use #GoldenVlog on twitter let us know you are linking up with us as well. We will be checking the hashtag through the day and retweeting when we can. :) If you have any questions at all or want to be included on our monthly Golden Vlog Letter with next months questions just email lifewithmrsgandtheartist@gmail.com
*all links not featuring a vlog or this months questions will be removed!

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