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Jan 13, 2016

Guys Behind the Blog...January Questions

I know that some of you have been wondering what Laura and I decided for our January Guys Behind the Blog prompts.  To be completely transparent with you, we didn't know until about two days ago!  But we've come up with a theme that we think the quieter guys will love because it requires just one-word answers at the least!

For January, we'll be doing a "Currently" post with our guys!  Plenty of bloggers do these posts to talk about what they're currently loving, feeling, etc. and we thought it would be fun to get our guys in on this blogger staple.

Here are your (ten) prompts for this month (I'm thinking I might subject AJ to a rapid-fire round!):

What is your guy currently:
Listening to
Dreaming of
Obsessed with

The link-up goes live on January 28th...join us, won't you?

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