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Feb 1, 2016

Plaid for Baltimore

Boots: Matisse  |  Jeans:  Gap  |  Sweater: Old Navy  |  Poncho: Old Navy  

This fall, AJ and I took a quick day trip down to Baltimore to meet Emilie of Burke Does for a photo session (you can check that session out here).  We planned to meet in our favorite section of the city, Fells Point, but when we arrived, we realized that there was a huge fall festival all around Fells and the normally-empty cobblestone streets were packed with people.

Emilie was stuck in some traffic trying to get to us, so AJ and I decided to wander around the waterfront a bit in hopes of finding a less-crowded area that would work for doing Emilie's portraits. As usual, Fells Point did not disappoint and all's well that ended well...we found a few great streets that worked like a charm, got some great shots for Emilie, and AJ even snapped a few of me before we got started.

I meant to blog this outfit back in the fall, but it just never happened.  The poncho was one of those purchases that I was excited about when I found it, because it's not exactly something I would typically buy.  However, it's proven to be a great addition to my wardrobe for days when a jacket was just too much or for days when I just wanted to be a bit cozier.  Also, now that I'm looking at these photos, I've firmly decided that I'm over my bangs and I want my old hair back...oops.  Here's hoping they grow out by summer!

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