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Apr 18, 2016

5 Steps to Hydrated Skin

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Dove, but all my opinions are my own. #showerawaydryskin #dovedifference #dovepartner  http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV

Guys.  This weekend, the weather was perfect.  Like, shorts and a sweatshirt perfect and I wore my sunglasses all weekend and couldn't I just live outside forever? perfect.  And I keep having to remind myself that it's only April and we have so many more glorious months ahead of this beautifully warm weather just so that I don't squeal with excitement and want to bottle it all up.  I mean, really, whatever it was about this winter just made me really long for spring.  And going to Florida at the beginning of this month didn't help either.  (I'm starting to think that maybe AJ and I should just move down there.)

In all seriousness, though, one of the things that always hits my radar about this time every year is the normal "getting ready for summer routines" that I find myself needing to get into.  And as I get older, one of those things that always makes that list is getting my skin healthy.  I think it's just the cold of winter that does me in:  it's dry and sucks moisture right out of my skin, I'm a million times less likely to put lotion on because I hate the feeling of putting clothing over freshly-lotioned skin, it's chilly so I want warm drinks and I drink far less water.  It's kind of just the perfect storm of dehydrating my skin and it never really catches up to me until it's time to start donning shorts and skirts again and I see my dry desert legs.  So now that things are heating up, it's time to put that spring routine into practice, and this year I've written down 5 easy steps that help me get into the habit of loving my skin.  I’ve partnered with Dove to tell you all about their New Dove Dry Oil Collection featuring their Dove Dry Oil Beauty Bar and Dove Dry Oil Moisture Body Wash. And I'm also excited to share a few other tips with you for keeping your skin happy and healthy!

1.  Drink Water!  
Ok, this probably seems super obvious, but it's not always easy to do!  I have a pregnant friend who's husband recently scolded her for her lack of water drinking and told her "water is the essence of life!", which of course we made fun of, but he's right!  It's amazing how much better your body functions when you consume the recommended amount of water each day!

2.  Love your Skin from the Outside In, Starting in the Shower
My new favorite cleansers are Dove Dry Oil Beauty Bar and Dove Dry Oil Moisture Body Wash, and I'm finding that starting your day off right while you're in the shower. Dove Dry Oil Moisture Body Wash maintains and nourishes skin’s protective layer during cleansing and replenishes 12x more skin natural nutrients than competitors while the Dove Dry Oil Beauty Bar contains ¼ moisturizing cream and Moroccan Argan Oil to gently cleanse and care for your skin, leaving it soft and smooth.

3.  Make It Easy
I'm on the go all the time, but especially in the summer.  Between hitting the gym (and sometimes showering there), sleeping over at my in-laws, or even just traveling, I've found that being prepared and thinking ahead can make keeping up with any habit easier.  I love the Dove Dry Oil Beauty Bar for it's portability, so I keep a box of it in my on-the-go bag.  It's also great for packing in a carry-on, and will definitely be in mine when we head back to Florida with AJ's family next month!

4.  Exfoliate
One of the best things you can do for rough, dry skin (can you say hello heels and elbows!) is to exfoliate it!  Helping your skin by getting rid of the old allows the new to really flourish!  I love keeping an exfoliating sponge or pumice stone in the shower for a quick exfoliation of my heels, and even better, to schedule a few pedicures throughout the summer...a little pampering plus good-looking nails?  Yes, please.  

5.  Wear Sunscreen
Ok, this might not have quite as much to do with keeping your skin hydrated as it does about just keeping your skin healthy in general, but can I take the opportunity to stress how stinking important this is?!  I used to think that I didn't need sunscreen, that my Italian roots would just help me to "tan, not burn" (despite the fact that I did indeed burn) and that I was untouchable, but after my mom's ocular melanoma diagnosis last year, I don't mess around anymore.  My makeup has SPF in it, I wear sunscreen if I'm in the sun, I try to be smart about being in the sun, and my skin is thanking me for it!

Did you know that 9 in 10 women are concerned about having dry skin?  Dove Dry Oil Moisture Body Wash goes beyond basic moisturizing to help women nourish and protect their dry skin, which is one of the things I love about it!  Check it out while combatting your winter skin this year!


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