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Oct 18, 2020


I'm currently sitting in the Philadelphia airport, on a 2.5 hour delay because of snow in Boston. It is October 18th. There should not be snow anywhere on October 18th. Nor should there be snow on November 18th. Maybe December 18th, but definitely not in October. Of course, the weekend that I have fall break is also the weekend mother nature decides to send two Nor'easters reeling up the East coast. Did I mention its supposed to be in the 60s up there on Tuesday? Hah....New England....In other news, life has been good. I've got a great house full of classmates who are just wonderful and I'm loving my classes. October is just flying by and I can't believe I'm halfway through the semester! Break was, as always, much needed and much appreciated. I got to spend some quality time with people I can just be with, which is always great.

Its so funny how people dress to fly. I grew up with a strict dress code, because we were "representing the airline", as if any other travelers would be able to tell that my dad worked for USAir. But right now, I'm looking around and there are a number of people in flip-flops. Now, I'm sure it was gorgeously warm on whatever Caribbean isle they were vacationing on, but its not like they don't know they're on their way to Boston...where its snowing. They didn't just hop on a plane in Rio and learn halfway over Alabama that they were headed to New England. They actually woke up this morning, said "time to head home to Boston" and chose shorts and flip-flops. I mean, personally, I like to go for a classic, yet comfortable look. Right now I'm wearing my favorite straight-leg jeans, my mocs, and a sweater. The lady in front of me getting off the plane had these espadrille wedges on that looked about two sizes too small. And, did I mention they were also peep-toe sandals?
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