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Apr 18, 2020

an anecdote.

Two weeks ago, I was at Sam's club getting things for a Youth Convention that we were taking about 100 kids to.  It was the day before we were leaving, and the calm before the storm, really.  I had an uneventful trip to Sam's, got everything I needed, and then decided to get gas before running a few more errands.
When you get gas at Sam's, they ask you if you want to also get your car washed.  In the nearly three years that I've had my car, I've never actually taken it through a carwash.  And I've never gone through one on my own.  
(Disclaimer:  I'm fully aware that getting my car washed on my own is really not some big life passage that should stick out in my mind.  But because of this story, it always will.)
I took a look at my car, saw all the dust on it, and thought, hey, I should get it washed.  Oh, I should probably add that I had gotten home late the night before, and re-run over an already-dead skunk on the road, so my car also smelled a little bit like skunk.  
I pulled up to the carwash, got my car on the little track thing, threw it into neutral, and took my foot off the brake, just like the guy told me.  Then, I thought, "hey!  I should take a picture of this to commemorate my first carwash experience alone!" (you know, like any normal person would do...)
Now, I'd like to direct your attention to the aforementioned photo.  See the red thing that seems to be laying on the ground underneath the strips of felt that are about to wash my car?  Yeah....that's not supposed to be there.  Keep that in mind for this next part.
All seems to go perfectly well in the carwash...until I start to drive away.  And that's when I hear this awful scraping noise.  The kind of noise that makes me think the entire undercarriage of my car has been ripped off and is now dragging on the ground below me.  So I pull over into a parking space (or actually, across 4 parking spaces), and I proceed to walk around my car trying to figure out what's going on.  Finally, I bend down to look under my car.  
And that's when I realize that that red thing in the photo is actually two plastic gasoline containers that have now lodged themselves under my car.  I manage to pull one of them out, but no amount of tugging, driving really fast and then throwing on the brake, kicking, or shoving will dislodge the other one.  
I call my dad, who doesn't answer.  
I call my mom, who's in a meeting.  
Finally, I call my boyfriend, who's over an hour away, but I at least need someone to brainstorm with me.  My first idea is to somehow spear the container (mind you, I have no sharp objects with me), but luckily, one of us in this relationship has half a brain, because AJ suggests I jack up my car and pull the container out.  Because my jack is buried under 6 cases of water, 3 dozen muffins, 45 apples, 10 lbs of oranges, and an assortment of other candy and snacks, I drive my car, with the gas container dragging along under it, over to the tire center at Sam's. 
Needless to say, the shortened version of this story leaves the guys in the tire center endlessly amused and puzzled, but they help me nonetheless and I'm on my way with a good story and only slightly bruised ego.  

And that, my friends, is the story of my first carwash experience.  

Apr 17, 2020

an {instagram} update

Scenes from the city of Reading.
 Easter sheep at church.
 Easter ensemble #1.
 Easter ensemble #2.
 Texts like this crack me up.
 When I'm up at 4 am and I can't sleep, I make lists.
 Sushi dates with the boy are my favorite.
 Found this in a children's book. LOVE.
 The Children's section:  the first place I go in a bookstore.
 We so gangsta.
 The night Chromatic Wakeup played two shows.
 One was in a high school gym.
 Surprise flowers left on my desk by the boyfriend!
 I love spring.
 Natalie & I.
Goofy faces.

Apr 10, 2020


Lately, I am tired.
I haven't been getting enough sleep, and when I do, my body isn't quite sure what to do with it.
I'm heading into that crunch time of the semester, where big assignments loom ahead and I start to be constantly in the mindset of "just get through tomorrow, everything will get done".
My room is a mess, and I have little time/energy to change that.
I haven't been eating full, nutritious meals.
I haven't been exercising enough.

Lately, all I want is a week to do nothing.

And in an ideal world, "nothing" would include:
a place where I am completely anonymous
a bike
good books
a hammock
warm weather
lots of fruit
balanced meals
uninterrupted naps that don't leave me feeling guilty

"Nothing" would NOT include:
answering questions
the pressure of homework not getting done
tv and my computer
the stress of an unkempt room
having responsibilities

Perhaps when summer arrives, such a reprieve will be possible.
I'm terribly sorry if it seems that this post is full of venting.  Sometimes, some written processing is just necessary.  

(The absolute reality is that life is good right now.  God is good, and moved in big ways at a youth convention I just took a group of students to.  My family is wonderful, and my mom is starting a new job that she's perfect for.  I'm dating a wonderful & awesomely supportive guy, and I really couldn't be happier.  I'm just busy.  And tired.)

Apr 9, 2020

More DC photos!

Finally!  I got around to sorting through/editing photos from DC last night...it's funny how the subjects of photos that I take with my phone differ from those with my "real camera"...for example, it seems I like to take photos of people with my camera, but of intimate objects with my phone.  Just an observation!
Anyway, here are some photos!

And that was DC!  We spent a bit of time at the Nat'l Air & Space Museum, the Hirsshorn, and the Nat'l American History Museum, and then walked down the mall.  It was a really great day spent with really great friends!

Apr 2, 2020

DC {according to instagram}

On Saturday, a little group of friends & I took a day trip to DC.  
DC is one of my absolute favorite cities, and it was great to spend the day with good friends wandering around the National Mall and Smithsonians.  
I'll post some more photos soon, but for now, here's our day through my instagram feed!
{Outside the Lincoln Memorial}
 {Morning on Capitol Hill}
 {Flowers, flowers everywhere!}
 {The Wright Bros exhibit at the National Air & Space Museum}
 {The Wright Bros flyer}
 {Mr. Lincoln}
 {The Washington Monument & one lone kite}
 {Evening on the Capitol}
{He never just smiles normally.}

My brother and his girlfriend, Natalie, discovered the Hirshhorn Museum, sandwiched between the Smithsonian Castle & the Nat'l Air & Space Museum.  It was full of weird, eclectic art exhibits.  They loved it, but I'm not sure how I felt.  Here's a video of AJ & I in one of the exhibits....

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