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May 29, 2020

Senior Shoot: Amanda

I got to shoot senior portraits for Amanda, AJ's sister, in New York City yesterday!  It was a warm, sunny day in the city, and a great day for a photo shoot!  Here's just a sampling....
Check out more at my photography site!

May 22, 2020

a magical surprise!

The boyfriend's family spent the last week in Disney on vacation, and a few weeks ago, his awesome mom suggested that my cousin, Zac, and I come down and surprise AJ & his sister, Amanda.  
(Zac and Amanda are dating...yeah...it's a little weird...but also convenient in these types of situations)
So, on Friday morning, Zac & I hopped on a plane in Philadelphia and flew to Orlando to deliver one of the biggest surprises either of us has ever been a part of.
Needless to say, it was a great trip.  We had a blast, and of course, are already missing that Florida sunshine!
Here are some of my instagram pics from the trip (and AJ's too!)

And....the video of us surprising them! (sorry for the choppy quality!)

May 12, 2020

the day of many pies (and cupcakes)

Today, we are hosting a wedding shower for Matt & Chelsea.
So, in preparation, there was much baking to do!
And after!
Red Velvet cupcakes
4 pies out of the oven!
 Strawberry Rhubarb...

I've decided that pies are my absolute favorite things to bake.  They're pretty and fun and smell so good!

May 11, 2020

Little Dates

AJ and I are busy, to say the least.  We're both full-time students and we both work part-time jobs (which often feel more like full-time).
However, one thing I love about us is that we still make sure to spend time together almost on a daily basis.  And sometimes, we go on little impromptu dates, where we explore or grab ice cream or something.  
About two weeks ago, one of those impromptu dates took us to the Pagoda, a historical landmark here in Reading, with a great view of the city. 
(I stole a few of these from AJ's instagram...gotta give credit where it's due)

May 10, 2020


A few weekends ago, my family road tripped out to Pittsburgh to watch my cousin, Matt, and his fiancee, Chelsea, graduate from Pitt!
Here are some instagram photos from the weekend!
We're all so proud of Matt & Chels!  They're also getting married in less than a month, and we're pretty excited about that too!
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