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Jan 22, 2020

A Taste of Summer...

It was so pretty out around sunset yesterday, that I decided to go to the beach and snap some pictures.

Jan 17, 2020


With the exception of the tale of Charles, I haven't done a lot of writing on here lately.  But I got to do some thinking and dialoging over Christmas break and a lot of it had to do with my life post-Gordon.  As you may guess, this is a topic that has been pretty central to my thoughts and musings over the past few months.  A paper that I had to write before break allowed me to do some reflecting and dreaming about my future, a task that proved to be a bit more difficult than expected.  What it did help me realize, though, is that what I really want to incorporate into any career is service to others and working with kids.  And I also realized that I've never really let myself dream about anything other than medicine.  So, I'm exploring other options.  The most enticing of which, is teaching.  And I'm really excited about it, too, because there's just a world of possibilities out there and its fun to imagine myself doing different things.

So where will I be in a year and a half?  Who knows!  All I know is that I'm going to keep striving to follow God's heart and seek His face and He'll come alongside me and point me in the right direction.

Here's a funny little anecdote:  I'm currently camped out on Cassie's bed in Christine's room with my field hockey stick propped up next to me because Christine and I have been hearing some strange thumps and noises in the house and we're the only ones here.  Yeah, we'll do great when it comes time to live on our own!  Ha!

Jan 6, 2020


You know how on your profile, it gives you a random question that you can answer?  Well, I usually find them to be pretty dumb, but I thought I'd answer this one when it came up:  "The children are waiting!  Tell the story of the bald frog with the wig:"  Fun, right?  Yeah, I thought so too, and I got really into it, and then tried to save it, and it told me it was too long, so I decided to not let my children's-story creativity go to waste, but make it a post instead.  Enjoy.  :)

Once upon a time there was a frog. His name was Charles. He had a British accent. Charles was quite the uncommon frog because a) his "ribbits" sounded quite peculiar with his accent and b) he was very concerned about his appearance. One day, Charles decided that although normally, frogs are bald, he wanted to make a statement with the best hairpiece a frog had ever been seen in. So, he hopped over to the Wig lilypad and chose the biggest, boldest wig he could find. It was a huge wig with bright blue streaks in it and gold ribbons. Charles looked quite stunning. However, the wig weighed Charles down so much that he could barely hop. He began the long journey home to his lilypad across the pond, but meanwhile, in the shallows lurked Fred the Alligator. Fred wasn't a very nice alligator and when he saw Charles hobbling-hopping across the pond, he decided that he had spotted dinner. Fred lurked closer and began to pursue Charles in a very stealthy manner. Fortunately, Charles was not without brains and intuition and he quickly realized that Fred the mean alligator was stalking him. Unfortunately, Charles was not quite ready to give up his impressive new hairpiece. The pursuit began and the gap between Charles and Fred quickly closed as Charles struggled to make his way home under the weight of the wig. Charles knew he didn't stand a chance and so, with much sadness, he let his shiny new wig go and watched as it float to the bottom of the pond. But oh, how he did fly after that. From lilypad to lilypad he lept and eventually made it safely home, losing Fred along the way. Charles's mummy was waiting at home for him and upon his arrival, asked what he did with his day. "Oh, nothing much," sighed Charles. "Really?" said Mummy with a knowing grin. "Well...." started Charles, and he proceeded to recount the day's events to his mummy. When Charles had finished, Mummy scooped him up into the best froggy hug and said, "I like you just the way you are, Charles. Bald head and everything."  

The end.

Jan 2, 2020


Last week, my aunt and cousins and I went to the Nolde mansion and took some pictures...

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