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Jun 17, 2020

Heading to the DR!

I'm heading to the Dominican Republic tomorrow for 9 days with these people:
9 students and 3 leaders...we're going to be doing lots of children's ministry, some painting, some dramas, and some church services as we take the love of Jesus to the people of the DR!  We're excited...and you can follow us here!
See you in about 10 days!

Jun 14, 2020

To Pittsburgh for a Wedding.

My cousin, Matt, and his new wife, Chelsea, got married this past Saturday in Pittsburgh.  I was in the wedding, so my brother and other cousin and I trekked out on Wednesday to spend some time helping to prepare for the big day!
Here are some of my instagram shots from last week:
Bachelorette Party!

We all painted a mug & saucer for Chelsea, she painted a tea pot.
With the flower girl!
These two found a piano after the rehearsal dinner.
Hopefully I'll post some (real) photos eventually!

Jun 4, 2020

Burger Hunt.

So maybe a few weeks ago, boyfriend asked me to tell him something he didn't know about me.  
And that was hard.
But then I thought of a secret...
And maybe that secret had to do with the fact that despite having a lot of vegetarian/vegan friends and pretending to not really like meat all that much...
...I really, really like cheeseburgers.
Which brought us to the quest of summer 2012:
The Hunt for the Perfect Burger.
We're four weeks in already, and admittedly, because of recent travels, the past two weeks haven't exactly been our choice of venues, we've held to the tradition and ordered burgers every Monday.
Oh, and we also rate them on a little scale.  Of course.

Week 1:  Joe's Famous American Kitchen in Lancaster
Joe's by far had the best vibe out of any burger night...and also the highest-scoring.
They've got a rather creative little menu and also a "build your own" option.  Oh, and get the Maui Sweet Onion chips.  Ah-mazing.

Week 2 was in Disney at Hollywood Studios.  The only picture we have is from the aftermath, which is just a lot of empty plates, half-eaten fries, discarded ketchup packets, and napkins.  I decided to spare you.  Anyway...not great, but not bad.  What you'd expect from theme-park food, only Disney style.

Week 3:  Ellen's Stardust Diner in NYC
Pretty good, though a lot of bread.  The fries, however, were yummy.  And the atmosphere at Ellen's is fun.  It's a ton of Broadway-bound waiters and waitresses who sing while they serve you.  Definitely a touristy NYC experience, but hey, you can't look like a local all the time, right?

We're resuming Burger Hunt tonight and keeping it local.  I'll let you know how it goes!
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