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Thanks for your interest in advertising on Heavens to Betsy!
I've met so many amazing people through the blogging world and would love to meet you too!  One of my personal goals with this blog is to create a community of mutual encouragement and excitement for one another's blogs, and I love to promote and encourage my advertisers!

27,400+ pageviews/month
3-5 posts/week
Total Readers (GFC + Bloglovin):  1,911
Combined followers over all social media accounts:  5,164

Here's the buzz on advertising on Heavens to Betsy:

"I've been advertising with HTB for quite some time now and I can say that it has been so great for my shop, Sew What Scarves! Not only am I aligning myself with a positive, fun, and creative blogger, her readers are faithful and interactive with her content. While I have a regular ad on her blog, getting involved in her giveaways has truly been one of the most cost-efficient forms of advertising I've done. I notice a significant increase in traffic to my shop along with interaction and purchases as well. I highly recommend working with Betsy at HTB and taking advantage of the amazing opportunities she offers!"
Melissa // Sew What Scarves

"Working with Betsy has been a lot of fun. She went above what I expected from sponsoring her blog. She included me in all sorts of happenings around her blog. I have gained a friend through sponsoring her blog and got to know a few other sponsors. My blog grew as well. I would totally sponsor her again."
Felecia // Hello Felecia

"I liked hanging out on "Heavens To Betsy for the month. Betsy brought a few people to my blog where they became new followers. I enjoyed hanging out so much I am grabbing another month."

If you have any questions about advertising on heavens to betsy, feel free to e-mail me at [email protected].

I am also very happy to write reviews and host giveaways for products. If you are a shop or business owner and have something that you would like me to feature, review, or give away on this blog, send me an email at [email protected] so I can give you the low-down on my advertising process.  Rates for sponsored posts start at $150.

*Please note that sponsors are subject to approval. I reserve the right to dismiss all advertising requests that do not fit with the content Heavens to Betsy and/or my readers.



  1. Before joining the Peony Project; most of my blog posts are about teaching the word of Christ to children. Do you think this would fit, or is your project catered more toward adult women over the parenting woman?

    1. Hey Kaitlyn!
      I'm so sorry...I just saw your comment now! I think you'd find great community in The Peony Project if you haven't yet joined us. Our conversations often revolve around things other than blogging or just blogging in general. We're a community who tries to support and celebrate every aspect of the blogging community and just be friends for the journey in general and we would love to have you join us!


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