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Sep 26, 2020


lately i've been struggling with writer's block.  the kind that makes me really want to blog, but also makes me feel like i have nothing to write about. bleh.

but i just discovered 5-oh-wifey's "the girl behind the blog" series, and decided to jump on board with september's prompt.
this is technically supposed to be a vlog, but sorry, i'm just not feeling it, people.
september's prompt is all about influence. what has influenced me and how i influence others and all of that sort of stuff.  here goes!

i'd have to say my biggest influences on my life have been my parents, my faith, and my college experience.  even as a twenty-something, i still seek their approval for nearly everything.  they're both incredibly strong, hard-working, and loving people who have taught me to go out of my way for others and to value relationships.  they also raised me in church and with a strong sense of faith in jesus christ.  i can't thank them enough for that.  my college experience at gordon college taught me to be a thinker in a global world.  my worldview was shaped and molded at gordon, and the years i spent there taught me so much.

there are a few areas of my life that i have the opportunity to influence others.  i'm currently on staff at my church, and i'm a small group leader for a bunch of awesome 6th grade girls, which provides a unique opportunity for influencing young lives.  i'm also currently pursuing my masters degree in education, so someday (soon!) i'll be able to influence young minds in the classroom!  this blog also provides an opportunity for influencing others.  i know that i've been uplifted and inspired by so many other blogs out there, from the creativity to the positivity to the love displayed in this little blogging world, and i hope this space can contribute to those things!

if you haven't checked out 5-oh-wifey or the series, head on over and check it out!

Sep 25, 2020

soooo much homework.

i'm on my last semester of classes.
and i have sooooo much homework.
i'm ready to be done.
and to get to this business of teaching small children.
but before then....there are journal entries to be written and papers to be submitted and discussion boards to be posted upon.
wish me luck?

Sep 20, 2020

why i love fall

i know what you're thinking..."another post about fall?"
yes.  i'm sorry.  i just love it so much!

it makes me feel cozy and it doesn't bring the sweatiness of summer or (usually) the raininess of spring or the bitterness of winter.  this morning, i woke up to a chilly room, buried under my down comforter and quilt, with my cat curled up at my feet.  and it was perfect. 
i then spent the morning doing homework with a cup of warm tea.  what's not to love about that?

i've got a busy weekend planned, filled with having a bunch of 6th grade girls over for an outdoor movie night and bonfire tomorrow, followed by afternoon tea with my aunt on saturday afternoon and possibly a local fair saturday night (what says "fall" better than a fair?  nothing friends, i tell you, nothing.), and then aj and i will be cooking out on his new grill on sunday night for our families (you know you've arrived as an adult when your family buys you a grill for your birthday...and you love it).  we've even got a fall-themed menu planned with turkey burgers, butternut squash, and pumpkin pie.

and that new record player i received for my birthday has been getting it's fair share of action.  right now, i can't stop listening to Fleet Foxes in the morning.  it's just the perfect way to start a fall morning.  

i think i might like to live in a perpetual fall. but that would probably take away the wonder of it all, and that would just be sad.

Sep 15, 2020

back in mass...

we're in massachusetts for the weekend for my friend lacy's wedding.
we're also taking the opportunity to visit my cousin, zac, who just started his freshman year at berklee.
we drove up this morning, picked up zac's girlfriend, amanda, on the way, and then spent the day wandering around the city!
here is just a snapshot of our day!
(excuse the surplus of pictures of me.  it's rare that i get to be in the shot, not just behind the camera, so i'm relishing them.)
so that was our day!  we had lunch at quincy market, wandered down to the harbor then up through the north end.  worked our way over to beacon hill and down to the public gardens and then out newbury street to berklee again.  then tonight, we walked over to and around fenway before making a stop at guitar center for the boys to play for a little while.
an exhausting day, but a fun one!
gosh, i missed this city.

Sep 11, 2020

birthday surprises

firstly...is it weird that i just typed the word "surprise" and then thought "is that first 'r' supposed to be there?"  boo brain fart.  

anyway...friday was my birthday!  hello, 23.  and this year, it just happened to fall on the first day of our back-to-school retreat, which meant working from 7:30am on friday til 7pm on sunday and taking 174 students and 46 staff to the beach for the weekend.  awesome weekend, not an ideal birthday celebration.

aj's birthday happens to be today (happy birthday babe!) so last night we spent the evening having dinner with our families and exchanging gifts. 

being the best boyfriend ever, he got me the best gift ever.

a beautiful record player.  and a few vinyls to go along with it (namely, fleet foxes & gotye).  his mom added bon iver, she & him, and mumford & sons to my rapidly-growing collection.  and i added a bunch more to my amazon wish list.  

things just sound better on vinyl.  it's a fact.

among other things, i got just dance 3 (the only video game i've ever wanted...working out by dancing?! hello...no brainer), a bunch of fun gift cards, some mulah, and a beautiful refurbished trunk.  
my family & friends are just too good to me.  i'm beyond blessed.

Sep 2, 2020

Sep 1, 2020

"comparison is the thief of joy"

i remember the first time i heard that quote.  
it was sometime during my sophomore year of college.
and i remember thinking that it was a quote to hold onto. 

that quote always seems to find me at just the right time.
right after i've spent 20 minutes perusing facebook and coveted someone else's vacation, or outfit, or life...
instead of enjoying that they've shared their adventures.  
right after i've read a friend's blog and questioned the depth of the relationships in my life, and wished i could write like her...
instead of gleaning wisdom and grace from her post.
right after i've browsed a magazine and found myself wanting to change my body...
instead of celebrating in the changes i have been making.
right after i've scrolled through pinterest and seen 16 different apartments and home decor pins that i want...
instead of being grateful that i have parents who allow me to live with them and save money.

but that's just human nature, isn't it?
to compare ourselves to others.
and it seems that comparison isn't choosy.  
it finds it's way into your life no matter how utterly happy you are.  
and it's sneaky.  sneaky and quite the cunning thief.

but then there's the wisdom of good ole teddy.  who spoke these words a century ago.  i wonder if he knew just how well they would stand the test of time?  
and yet here we are, and those words, those six little words, pop into my head and into my heart just when i need them most.
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