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Nov 15, 2020

i dig yo' style.

This is a first...an outfit post!
As I was heading to lunch today, I thought I'd stop and take a few photos of my outfit because:
a) I desperately need some new pictures of myself
b) I particularly liked my outfit today
And I guess I should tell you what I'm wearing..cause that's what you do in an outfit post, right?

Sweater:  Target
Dress:  Ross
Tights:  I couldn't even tell you.  I might have stolen them from my mom.
Boots:  Target
Socks:  Target
Scarf:  Oxford, England ('twas a gift from a friend!)

So clearly, I shop at Target.


  1. yay! A fellow blue! :) I haven't yet taken the Myers-briggs but someone else recommended it, so i need to look it up! I love your hair in these pictures :) I have yet to find a way to do loose curls in my hair.

  2. so cute! :) gorgeous backdrops in these shots!

  3. I LOVE this outfit, so dang cute!!! I love that dress and your boots! :) Thanks for linking up to my blog cute girly! :)

  4. Target is the shit. Nothing wrong with that! You look fantastic and that is such a cute outfit :)

    a cup of subtle tea

  5. Cute outfit...!! Scarfs are so cute paired with boots! :)
    ~Lisa @ Organized Chaos


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