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Apr 14, 2020

Signs of Spring

Spring has sprung here in PA!  I'm so so so happy that the sunshine and flowers and (sometimes) warm air is actually here!  It was actually 80 degrees on Tuesday and Wednesday of last week and there's more of that on the way!
I'm a month away from finishing my student teaching placement and then I'll be on the hunt for a job.  In the meantime, I'm enjoying wearing dresses and taking my students outside for recess!
I hope the warmth has reached you too!


  1. You're gonna frame and sell these pics, right? :)

  2. Beautiful pictures!!!

    Are you working at a christian school? ☺


  3. These photos are AMAZING! I bet a ton of people would buy them!

  4. Glad you're enjoying the warm weather! Spring hasn't quite made it's way to Boston, but I guess I won't have to wait much longer since I'm moving down to PA next Saturday. Your photos are beautiful, so if my area looks anything like that, I think I'm going to enjoy living in PA. ;)

  5. BEAUTIFUL photos!


  6. Gorgeous!

    We're moving out of summer in our part of the world, so these photos make me happy!

  7. Such lovely photos! I can't wait for that 80 degree weather to make its way to Seattle!


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