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Apr 28, 2020

Scenes from New York

AJ, and his mom, and I went to visit his sister (who's finishing her freshman year at Marymount Manhattan) in New York yesterday.  We literally could not have picked a better day!  The weather was perfect and it seemed like all of New York was out to play!

We wandered around Central Park, explored the Met, had lunch at the Boathouse, and then ate the most delicious wafels (yes, that's spelled right!) from Wafels and Dinges (they have a few food trucks around the city.  If you're in NYC and happen upon one, make the stop.  They're incredible.).  Then, we wandered down to the village to listen to some jazz and do a little browsing before having dinner at Pizza Roma on Bleecker Street and finishing off the day with a cupcake from Magnolia.  It was a perfect day!
The city skyline from the reservoir in Central Park
Wandered into Bleecker Street Records
Spotted this sweet moment in Central Park
The wafels!  SO so so good.
A friendly cat at Bleecker Street Records and a little basement jazz club.
Found:  a vinyl of the March on Washington!  So cool.


  1. so jealous of this trip! looks like great fun!


  2. Sounds like lots of fun! Mhmmmmm...that waffle looks good!


  3. Oh how I do love NYC. Not sure if I could live there but its always a great place to visit and people watch!

  4. Those wafels look amazing. The hubs and I were in NY a while ago and stood in line at a food cart for a good 40 mins. We didn't even know what they were selling but figured if the line was that long it must have been good and it was! I can't remember the name of it anymore though.

  5. I have never been to NYC and I think after seeing these photos I need to take a trip that way.
    Also loving the Photo part of your blog, great ideas and advice.


  6. I'm really enjoying these pictures. Especially the ones in the record store.We're both really into music and, where we live, all the cool independent shops (except maybe two or three) have shut down because of the interweb. While I love my computer I hate what it's doing to all the industries I'm interested in, you know? Anyway, great pictures and nice post!

    Sarah & Ricky


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