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Oct 18, 2020

Cozy & Comfy Cowls

Ok, am I the only one who absolutely loves cowls and chunky infinity scarves??

I'm obsessed.  I love how cozy and warm they are!

Last season, I found this beautiful Striped Cotton Cowl (actually a spring scarf pattern!), and have been wanting to knit it ever since.  So a few weeks ago, I headed to the craft store to pick up some yarn and embroidery thread and got to work!  I went for a more muted and wintery pattern than they called for, but I'm really excited about the way this scarf is already turning out!  Can't wait to share the final product!

Are you working on any knitting or crocheting, or even crafting projects?

1 comment:

  1. I love that you are adding embroidery threads to the yarn! such a great way to get that perfect color pattern without endlessly searching yarn stores and craft stores!

    I've successfully made beard hats in the past for some adult friends, and those adult friends now have babies, so soon I will try to make BABY beard hats! it's going to be so cute/hilarious :P


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