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Oct 8, 2020

Creating a Workspace that Inspires Creativity

When I redecorated my room last January, one of the things I wanted the most was a new desk and workspace.  I was intentional about separating my sleeping space from more of a "living" space (you can see an entire room tour here), and I wanted to keep my desk organized and free of clutter so it could be a place where I was able to work and write and be creative.

Sometimes, my desk fills up with plenty of papers and just junk, but I like to take time to organize it and keep it a tranquil space that I enjoy using.  Because I do a lot of design work and photo editing for work, this space needed to help inspire creativity.  I keep it filled with photos of family and friends and keep close any books that I'm reading.  I also try to keep the decorations on my desktop to a minimum.

I love lighting candles and keep a few on my desk to light when I'm working.  These white birch tealight holders were given to me by AJ's mom for my birthday...I love them!
When I redecorated, I got a large bulletin board and painted it white to match my decor.  I fill it with quotes and photos, and of course practical things like wedding invitations, gift cards, and notes.  It's a nice inspiration board while still providing functionality.

So here are a few tips for creating a workspace to inspire creativity:
1.  Make it you!  For me, muted colors, white, and neutrals create a tranquil, but inspiring, mood.
2.  Keep it simple.  Don't keep a lot of stuff on your desk.  Keep out only items that you use nearly every time you sit down (like a pencil cup).  Things like tape and a stapler can stay hidden in a desk drawer.
3.  Keep it clean.  Take a few minutes once in a while to straighten up, organize, and clean out.  I just went through my desk drawers and got rid of an entire bag of trash that was just taking up space!  And that only piled up since January.  It only takes a few minutes and will help you stay focused and make things easier to find.


  1. I love your photography, and that's such an inspiring workspace!

  2. I love your space! The color scheme is so peaceful. Any chance I can rent it out for a couple hours...say, this December? ;)


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