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Feb 6, 2020

Ice, Ice, Baby!

well, after an eventful week here in pa…10 inches of snow on monday and another inch or two followed by an inch or two of ice yesterday…the sun has finally shown it's face!  i have to say, i'm a bit jealous of those i know who are vacationing in warmer weather at the moment.  we were without power from yesterday morning to today (which is far shorter than our usual 3-5 day outages with a storm like this, so i'll take it!), but despite that, i couldn't help but be amazed by the beauty that this storm left behind.  

the temp didn't get out of the twenties today, so that meant an extra day of enjoying the sparkle that the ice-coated trees gave off on my drive home.  it truly is a winter wonderland right now, and while i'm sooooo ready for spring, i just had to take advantage of this weather and snap some photos.  

ollie tagged along with me, but he was more interested in finding and chewing on frozen sticks than he was in my photography.  but of course, that also meant snapping a few photos of that cutie.

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  1. While I am definitely not at all a fan of cold weather, I have to say you took some beautiful photos of the ice! So gorgeous. Almost makes me appreciate the snow. Almost.

    xo www.inventedromance.blogspot.ca

    1. why thanks! i know…it's hard to love it when i feel like we've been buried under snow since thanksgiving….but it's just been too pretty outside these past few days not to appreciate it a little!

  2. I love the silvery layout.... very wintery! :) And the pictures are gorgeous, as always. And I want your dog!!

    1. thanks Lauren! haha…you can have him on the days where he tries to chew on me! ;)

  3. This California girl has NO idea what a snow storm even feels like ;)
    Glad you have your power back!

    1. oh girl…can we trade places? i need a little california sunshine in my life…this winter has been too cold, too long, and much too snowy!


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