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Feb 7, 2020

Be Mine // Downloadable Valentine, Pt 1

valentine's day is just a week away and i can't help but remember last year.  i was student teaching and picking out spy-themed valentines for all of my 3rd grade kiddos, which was so much fun and a total throwback to my elementary days.

so in the spirit of exchanging valentines, i'll be posting a few of my own downloadable (and printable!) valentine designs for you to use as you please!  these are a little more grown-up than your boxed sets that you handed out in fourth grade (not that i'm knocking those!), but hey, we're a little more grown-up now too, right?

so here ya go….download, print, use however you like! happy valentines day from me!

4x6 card (download here)

iphone 5 wallpaper (download here)

comment and let me know how you use it!


  1. These are really cute! Thank you!!


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