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Nov 17, 2020

Hunter Boots & Flannel

Boots:  Hunter | Leggings:  Fabletics | Shirt: Old Navy | Vest: Old Navy | Watch: JORD

Call me basic, or predictable, or whatever, but I'm just gonna say it:  I think I found my fave outfit for fall and early winter.  

I've had a pair of Hunter boots on my wishlist for a while now.  I can't tell you how many pairs of cheap rainboots I've gone through. I distinctly remember the first pair I got in college...they were a cute navy blue with little anchors on them.  And I thought they were great every time I boldly walked across a rain-soaked quad on my way to class.  But then, halfway across the marsh that our beautiful, grassy quad inevitably turned into in the New England rain, I would notice that my socks felt a little cold...and wet.  And so, the boots that I had trusted to keep my tootsies dry failed me.  So last week, when AJ and I were walking through Costco, I was shocked to find a stack of neatly-piled Hunter boot boxes.  They had no price sign above them, and knowing what they normally retail for, I figured they couldn't be more than $20-$30 less than the usual price tag, so I didn't even bother to ask.  Later that weekend, I thought about them and checked online and was shocked to find that they were only $80!  So I ordered a pair online and friends...they're popular for a reason.  They're comfortable, totally sealed, and so classic.  

I paired my Hunter boots with a pair of Fabletics leggings, a boyfriend flannel from Old navy (my new fave), and a puffy vest for a shoot that I had scheduled on Sunday, and after my client headed home, I decided to grab a few photos of myself, because it was one of those outfits that I just never wanted to take off (so comfy).   


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