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Nov 5, 2020

Meet Quincy!

If you haven't already met him via my Instagram feed (sorry, but he's kind of taken over at the moment!), then I'd like to formally introduce you to the newest Fick, Quincy!

AJ and I were super excited to welcome Quince to the family on Saturday.  We have been talking about getting a dog someday since long before we got married and over the past few weeks started seriously discussing it.  I had been keeping my eyes on a few websites that listed local puppies from family breeders and when we were in Boston this past weekend with a few friends, I saw Quincy and his siblings pop up on the site.  He was too cute, so I sent the link to my mom who replied "OMG!"  

On Saturday, as we were beginning our trip home, my parents decided to give the breeder a call and go see the puppies.  When they arrived, they found Quincy to be the last puppy left unspoken for.  My mom immediately called me and put me on FaceTime and let me virtually meet this sweet pup.  The breeder wasn't going to be available on Sunday and couldn't guarantee that they would hold him for us, so I told my mom that I trusted her judgement and if she thought he was a good pup, to bring him home.  She called me back a few minutes later to tell me that the breeder would only take cash and that the ATM wouldn't allow her to take out what she needed, so we wouldn't be getting our puppy that day.  We were bummed, but not entirely heartbroken as we made plans for me to leave work early on Monday to go see him.  

Fast forward a few hours as we stopped for a little break on our trip back to PA.  I casually mentioned to AJ and our friend Brit that I was secretly hoping that my mom was fibbing and that we'd be going home to a puppy, but I also didn't want to get my hopes up, so I convinced myself that that wasn't going to be the case.  However, when we walked into our house later that night, we got the best surprise ever when we discovered the sweetest little pup waiting for us!  

It's been a fun week so far with our new addition.  He was off to a rough start on the whole crate-training thing (ahem...we didn't really get sleep the first two nights), but we have him down to a schedule now and he's been getting better.  Mostly, though, he's just the cutest thing there ever was.  AJ said the other day that he loves him so much that it hurts, and I totally agree.  He's also AJ's first dog, so watching them together is pretty much the sweetest thing.  

I'm sure you'll be hearing/seeing more of Quincy on the blog in the future, but for now, give him a warm welcome!  (Because, you know, he avidly reads this blog and wants to hear you tell him how cute he is.) 

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