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May 17, 2020

Remember that Time...

That I was a terrible blogger and I didn't post for like 3 weeks?  Yeah, sorry about that.

Life has just been crazy.  Like really, really crazy.  Family stuff and finishing student teaching and graduation and applying for jobs and certification.  Did you know it's practically harder to get certified as a teacher than it is to buy a house?  Seriously...it's nuts.

Anyway, I'm DONE!  Woohoo!  I officially have my Masters degree in Multicultural Education and my application has been submitted to the Pennsylvania Department of Education for elementary teaching certification!  Man...that feels good.  Now to find a job.  (ugh.)
I got to wear a fancy Masters hood.
Craziest graduation ever.  Let me tell you...started outside, then 3 minutes into conferring the degrees it started to thunder so they decided to move it inside.  SO unorganized and just a mess.  I kept thinking "I could make 8 year olds do this better than graduate students are right now!!"  At least it will be a graduation to remember!
And then we celebrated Mother's Day!  These were from our little photo booth at church.  Love my mama!


  1. Congrats girl!!
    Good luck on the job search!

  2. Congratulations Betsy! Sounds like it WILL be a crazy graduation to remember! :)



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