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Aug 20, 2020

BB Cream

I've been meaning to hop on the BB Cream train for a while now.  Sometimes my full face of makeup is just too much in the summer, you know?  The thing keeping me from finally getting on the train, though, was that I just couldn't pick one.

There are so many BBs out there, and as someone with combination-oily skin, the thought of putting a greasy cream that might make me look shiny only a few hours later sounded pretty terrible.  I'm a pretty firm believer in investing in high-quality cosmetics when it comes to foundation and things I'm covering my face with.  While it might pay off to invest in a more expensive product, I just wasn't ready to take that plunge with a BB Cream and decided to go with a more budget-friendly drugstore brand (not that there's anything wrong with drugstore brands either!).

I decided to go with Revlon's PhotoReady BB Cream and I'm really happy with my choice!  Here's my rundown:

-as expected, definitely not the coverage I get with my BareMinerals foundation
-smoothed my complexion
-blended easily
-matched my skin tone perfectly (I went with the Medium tone)
-moisturized my skin better than some moisturizers I've tried
-felt a little greasy at first, but after it was totally dried and set, felt smooth and dry
-had good staying power
-nice tint
-didn't leave me shiny or greasy
-budget-friendly ($10.99!)
-SPF 30

Overall, I really liked Revlon PhotoReady BB Cream.  While it didn't give me awesome coverage, it was certainly enough for a day when I don't need a full face of makeup.  Even at the end of the day, I could see some of the tint coming off with my makeup remover towel, so it did last.  It didn't leave me feeling greasy, oily, or shiny, which is a huge win for me.  I'd like to experiment with building the coverage a little bit, or using the cream as a primer/moisturizer under my foundation.

I had a great experience with Revlon's PhotoReady BB Cream and definitely recommend it.  I'm sure there are a ton of great BBs out there, and this might not be right for every skin type, but it was great for me!

This review has not been sponsored, nor requested by Revlon, and simply contains my own opinions and views to share with my readers.


  1. This is the second BB Cream I tried and I really do like it too. It's perfect for the summer! I also thought it gave me a little bit of a "tannish glow" if that makes any sense. :)

  2. Yes! Me too. Today I set it with a light dusting of BareMinerals Mineral Veil and that made it even better!

  3. Ooh! I've been loving the BBCream train! I've never been a foundation girl...But when tinted moisturizer came along and then BBCream?? WOW! I'm in love with the stuff and use it instead of foundation. Then I top it off with some mineralizing powder and it stays almost all day.. Provides good coverage too.. Thanks for this rec. I may try it out.. I've heard great things about the Garnier BB cream so I'm checking that out next!



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