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Aug 28, 2020


AJ and I are packing in little dates as our days living in the same town are coming to a close.  Last week, I surprised him by waking him up and taking him to breakfast, and then we spent the morning leisurely cruising around (in my mom's convertible bug, of course!), visiting farm stands and antique stores.  So much fun, and so many treasures to be found!
If this wasn't $50, it would have come home with me!
Rolling pins and old buttons.
I'm totally in love with old tin cans!  I especially love finding a brand or product that we still use today and getting to see how it was packaged years and years ago.
These were old advertisements and magazine articles dating all the way back to the 1910s!  I spent a significant of time looking at them...categories that ranged from neckties to movies to WWII home front propaganda....they were so cool!  I wanted to buy one for my room but I just couldn't choose!

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